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The Rule Of 3

The Caosule Wardrobe, I am working on this Parisian Lifestyle Makeover so the goal is to have less. Parisian's do not have the closet space we do, so no walk in closet the size of a babies nursery with extra closets to hold the over flow and a basement to store your out of season clothes. Having less is more practical but the real truth is that the economy has effected her so it is also about simply not having the money to buy a new wardrobe every season.

When you go to a boutique in Paris they won't have mass amounts of items to comb through instead they will have a few key pieces. My mom told me about her experience and it changed the way she shopped for years later. She walked into a Paris boutique and it was sparse not cluttered and overwhelming, I can't shop at outlets or 'sample' sale stores I find it too stressful. What she loved was that they had maybe a dress featured and then had other items that could be worn with it to create more looks, The Capsule Wardrobe. The idea is to buy the best quality you can afford and find several ways to wear it to give the appearance of having a larger wardrobe.

The Rule Of 3:

I have applied it to my closet edit as well as my shopping strategy which I am still working on because after decades of 'collecting' I have a lot to sort through and it's hard. It is difficult to let go of things and make a change of this magnatude after all I am an America and we do have a different view, more you need more.

Before you buy that dress visualize at least 3 different ways you can wear it with what you alread have.

Try to think of ways you could transition it into other seasons you want to be able to wear it for at least two seasons but it would be better if you could get three.

Does it fit your lifestyle. Iris Apfel's mother told her that a good black dress means you always have something to wear. It can be dressed up or dressed down to fit any occassion in your life buy simply changing the accessories, the way you style it.

Quality, quality and quality which is cut, fabric, color and construction. You do not need 5 black shift dresses one or two is plenty so pool that money together and buy one amazing black shift dress.

Would you have worn this three years ago and could you see yourself wearing it three years from now. When it comes to editing your closet ask yourself 'would you but this today' if not get rid of it.

Hidden cost, does it need to be dry cleaned or tailored. Can you afford to take care of it or in my case will you actually take it to the dry cleaner or will it end up sitting in a pile 'to go to the dry cleaners' for months.

Be creative, this is where true style is born. Throwing a chunky sweater over a summer floral maxi dress with a pair of riding boots gives you another season for that dress and creates a look that is unique to you. Take a sequined skirt to brunch by wearing it with a graphic tee, denim jacket and a pair of converse shoes. Think outside the box, this is what I mean when I say this is where true style is born.


If you are not confident in your 'creativity' one of the best places to start or draw inspiration from is & Other Stories, it is the sister store to H&M. They offer ideas on different ways to wear an item at affordable prices.

Dark blue color blocked jeresy shift dress for 95.00 at & Other Stories

I love this dress and am tempted to buy it so here is my process:

Over a pair of plack cropped pants with black men's inspired oxfords

Wear a grey long sleeved shirt underneath with a pair of boyfriend jeans and black stilettos

Wear over a pair of wide legged jeans for winter wear over a white button down shirt.

Wear with black leggings and a pair of riding boots

Go full on 70's with either a blocked heel loafer of ankle boots. Add a black turtleneck underneath for winter.

A black pleated midi skirt and black men's inspired oxfords

Over my white button down shirt dress with knee high black stiletto boots

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Awesome ideas
, 10/09/2015