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The worst thing you can do is to just give up or look likeyou have. You can be comfortable whether you work from home (stay at home momis a job) or it’s your day off there is a way to be comfortable without givingup style. Essentially this look is just a t-Shirt with sweat pants, it’sextremely comfortable but it’s fitted, it is a bit edgy by adding the boots andbiker jacket but if you want opt for a sneaker instead of the boots. Just notyour running shoes instead a pair of converse or a great retro white sneaker.There is nothing worse than running errands and bumping into an old boyfriendor nemesis looking like your 40 lbs heavier than you are and like well there isno better way to put this but like a slob, not the put together, not thesuccessful strong beautiful woman you are. What you were tells the story of whoyou are, what story are your clothes telling?


This is a sustainable look made with quality CapsuleWardrobe pieces that will be wearable season after season, year afteryear.  The pants and t-shirt are fromAmour Vert, this is a brand that is completely green from the office to dyes tofabric choices and is made in the USA. For every t-shirt sold they will plant atree, they use bamboo to make some of their shirts or organic cotton, nopesticides that leak into our water. The dyes are also natural and chemicalfree so the run off isn’t polluting the earth. The boots are high quality madeby Golden Goose that I picked up from a consignment store, never worn. GoldenGoose price point is quite high and the only way I could ever afford them isbuying consignment. The sunglasses are hand made by artisans, RAEN Durante. Thebag is Zac Posen, it is a classic, high quality bag that I will use for yearsto come so it won’t end up in our landfills.


Iwill not mention or continue to shop this consignment store or any other that usestheir services until they either stop using FedEx or if FedEx stops supportingthe NRA.  I am done, I want somethingdone about these school shootings and I’m disgusted by the NRA’s CPAC attack onvictims, media or making this political with zero concern or compassion forthese students. I support the 2nd amendment but it needs to beregulated with steps taken to ensure guns are not available to high riskpeople. I also want the age raised to 21 as well as gun show loop holes closed