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Playing with Patterns

Think of your Capsule Wardrobe of good quality pieces as a canvas, an artist needs a quality canvas in order to create something exquisite.  Take a basic look and create something amazing by using accessories that will portray who you are.  Don't dress to look like someone else or you risk looking like you are playing dress up and you won't feel like yourself, you will lose confidence.  With this look I played with patterns and added a pop of color with a statement bag to give a classic look a more modern feel. Remember that accessories will update your entire wardrobe, getting the most impact in updating your wardrobe. 

I found this bag from an independent designer on Etsy, you can actually find unique, one of a kind pieces to add to your Capsule Wardrobe there.  One of my favorite accessories, a leather have sleeve that adds a lot of edge to a basic look completely changing the look.  AAKASSHA she has a modern minimalist aesthetic that I love. She plays with the fabric focusing on cut and adding detail with draping not embellishments or pattern which is what makes her a minimalist.  Minimalism is my absolute favorite fashion design.

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