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Is Your 20 Something Self Aging Your 40 Something Self
As we get older we find that what we have always used isn't working for us the way it use to and if you don't change it in the end it will date you. By the time you hit 30 you really need to make changes from your drunken 20's to your adult life. Our skin and hair are changing so our favorite stand by products start to fail us if you are like me it hits you when you see a picture of yourself and realize that you do not look good.  From 30 to 45 the changes seem to be in high gear and I find myself having to change my products more often.  Trying to hold onto your youth is not keeping you young it's aging you.

Hair is definitely something that can date you and what worked for your 20 something perfectly smooth, flushed cheeked face is not working anymore.  There are things you can do that will shave a few years off of your face.

?Lighten your hair one shade, keep it natural but lighten it. I personally went warmer even though my skin undertones are pink/cool I found that when I used the cool undertones it was too severe.

?Straight hair is great when your face is firm and line free but as you get older it actually highlights the aging in your  face.  Movement is key, soft texture will counteract that age.

?Add volume to the crown of your head it is the cheap woman's face lift.  It creates an illusion that your face is being lifted.

?Bangs! Bangs are better than Botox depending on your face shape you can do a longer straight across wispy bang, think Jane Birkin, a side swept bang or a baby bang, think Audrey.  Its best to let your hair stylist decide what will work best for you.

Makeup can be your best friend or your worst enemy I can't tell you the amount of women I know that are still wearing the makeup they did in high school, Clinque.  Your skin is changing every year and if you don't change with it you are absolutely making yourself look older than you are.

?Primer is your new best friend.  Primer does a couple of things for you, it seals in the serums and lotions and it gives your makeup something to adhere to as well as prevent some of the issues of settling but it is not a miracle worker.  Opt for a primer that has some sheen if your skin is sallow or dull look for one with a pink hue to brighten you up. Laura Mercier and Color F/X make a primer that is radiant which equals youthful don't get nervous that it is too shiny because when you add the tinted moisturizer it will look more like you are lit from within and that is very good.  Matte is not your friend.

?Foundation is not your friend in fact it will betray you and find lines you didn't even know you had. Opt for a tinted moisturizer, what ever form you want (bb, cc, tinted moisturizer or no foundation foundation) and only use it were you absolutely need it. I put dots on the area's I need it (for me it is my T zone) and blend it out/in.  Use a damp sponge to keep it sheer.

?Pick a shade that is slightly lighter than your natural color it will actually give you a more youthful appearance.  The concept is brighter not chalky this is why I love Laura Mercier's tinted moisturizer she has a wide selection of colors to choose from that come in cool, neutral and warm undertones. I recommend going the makeup counter and ask for samples in different undertones and at home in your bathroom, with your lighting and see which one you like the best. Pictures are the best way to figure out what works or doesn't. Even if you have pink undertones try the warmer undertones sometimes using the opposite color will translate as looking younger.

Colors are tricky you need to stay clear of dark colors but also the 'nude' colors. Makeup should be used to accentuate your natural beauty not change the way you look.  As we age we lose color in our skin our eyebrows, lips and eyes start to blend in and fade away so everything you knew about makeup needs to be scratched.

?Eyebrows are key! You want to add definition but you need to be careful about going too dark.  If your eyebrows are darker use a brow powder/gel/pencil a shade lighter but if they are light go a shade darker. Over plucking will age you keep them natural and by all means stay clear of the 90's surprise brow just clean them up. Apply a lighter color whether it is a highlighter, concealer or shadow and outline your your brow, for the top of the brow go a little above your brow this will give you a look of a brow lift.

?Skip the eye shadow especially during the day it can actually make your eyes look smaller instead use a eye primer on your lids to hide any discoloration.  If you feel you need eye shadow stick with colors no darker than one to two shades of your skin tone trust me it will actually make your eyes look bigger, wider and awake which equals younger.

?Brown mascara is softer than black and softer is better for an aging face.  Skip the eyeliner, again it will actually open up your eyes but use your mascara to define your eyes by wiggling the wand into the base of your eyelashes. Unlike what we were told in the 90's do apply mascara to your bottom lashes.

?Flushed cheeks are youthful, I read a study a decade or two ago that said people think flushed cheeks make you more trustworthy and likable.  I have 3 colors and switch it out depending on what I need, what i wear can determine what I use. You can also add 2 colors to create more definition. I have a pink, peach and red blush.  Tip apply your blush to the top of the apple of your cheeks and pull it back, it will lift your face up.

?Lip color is key to giving you a more youthful look and pretty much every color you used in your 20's, 30's, 40's and 50's won't work anymore.  Dark, deep colors and Nude colors won't work for you anymore instead look for brighter colors or shades that are one to two shades darker than your natural lip color that simple change will shave years off of your face and make your lips look fuller. Stay clear of matte and anything with sparkles also thick high shine lip gloss is a little too young for a woman of your stature.

Skincare needs are changing constantly and just when you think you have it figured out another change hits you. The absolute best thing is to see a dermatologist and get a good skincare routine.  Lotions are not enough anymore for me so I use oils, in the summer I opt for dry oils during the day but they soak into my skin nicely and help with getting that youthful glow.

Skincare needs are changing constantly and just when you think you have it figured out another change hits you. The absolute best thing is to see a dermatologist and get a good skincare routine.  Lotions are not enough anymore for me so I use oils, in the summer I opt for dry oils during the day but they soak into my skin nicely and help with getting that youthful glow.

?Retin A is a most and by 30 you should be using either a prescription or OTC every night

?Vitamin C support collagen and protects you from free radicals. Take a vitamin supplement in am and pm to fight sagging skin and use a topical Vitamin C in the morning

?Sunscreen, sunscreen and more sunscreen

?Wash your face every night with a cleanser that removes makeup, never go to bed with makeup on.  In the morning use a gentle cleanser or just rinse your face with water

?Have a moisturizer/oil for night and day.  

?Weekly facials not only give you radiant beautiful skin but it is a great way to de stress and meditate.  Facials need to be tailored to your needs I have a few DIY masks under skincare that I love, especially the pumpkin one.

Hair care seems to always be a struggle for me.  My hair is not as thick as it once was and the gray hair does not have the same texture it is coarser, wirery and it behaves completely different.  Like your face your hair becomes dull, looks unhealthy and doesn't seem to have any dimension. Pomegranite oil is my absolute favorite oil for my skin and hair it isn't greasy or heavy but fits the bill for the younger more radiant look. I wash my hair with Wen every other day and I notice my color doesn't fade as quickly so I don't have to touch up my hair color as often.

The Big Don'ts:

?Powders are a definite DON'T opt for stains, creams and gels to set your makeup use a spray not a powder

?Radiant yes Glitter not so much

?Heavy black eyeliner around your eyes and waterline should be avoided at all costs

?Dark smokey eyes looked amazing when you were young but they don't work when you get older.

?Maroon, Burgundy lipstick, NO

?Opaque colors you want to see your skin under your blush or foundation

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OMG I just tried that pumpkin masque and I Love it! I'm going to use that before events it's better than my origins!!!!
, 06/17/2015