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Rules of Staying Home

The Rules Of Staying Home

According to my mom and personal experience

Don't wear elastic pants or anything you can grow into because 5 lbs will turn into 15 fast

Get up take a shower and get dressed. PJs do not say 'today I am going to accomplish.....'

As Karl Lagerfeld has said 'sweatpants are what one puts on when they have given up'

Do your hair and makeup even if you are going no where. You want to pass a mirror and not gringe. If you are married your husband does not want to come and see you looking like you don't care about how you look

Wear red lipstick to vacuum because it makes you happy

Don't eat in front of the TV. I need to get back on track with that one it really does pack the pounds on and you don't make good choices

Do turn the TV off and turn on the music. Sing and dance like no one is watching even if you are not feeling happy it will make you happy

Do find something you are passionate about and do it. Take a cooking class, volunteer, join a book club, find a foodie/wine club or start a blog something anything that gives you purpose so you don't lose who you are. Raising your kids is an important task but they will get older and you won't be needed so you will need to have another outlet.

Walk, exercise or anything that makes you move. It will help keep your wieght down, it will make you happy it fights depression and it gives you something to do to accomplish. Exercise will also keep your brain active, improve your sex life, eliminate stress, improve your relationships with other people and improve your memory.

Do create a routine/schedule.

Plan a dream vacation, research the culture, food and plan your wardrobe. Map out where you want to eat or shop. Something to look forward to will help keep you from becoming depressed.

Do remove any and all items from clothes to knick knacks that do not make you happy. Why keep things around that make you sad?

Smile even when you don't feel like smiling.

When you feel sad wear a formal dress and heels to clean the kitchen. You will feel better because you are a princess. After all we dress for ourselves and how it makes us feel.

My favorite quote from Donna Karan 'dress to be the woman you want to be'. Do you want to be a frumpy, sloppy mess or do you want to be the amazing woman that you are?

Not being able to work has been a struggle. The first few months were ok but after that it became depressing and stressful. Having nothing to do day in day out is extremely stressful. I gained weight which was not a happy event. It is not easy to self motivate I, like most people, am a procrastinator so I have to push myself to get moving. My husband encouraged me to do this blog, he even built this site and he saved my life. I realize that sounds dramatic but its true. I had nothing to look forward to but another day of being alone and in pain but now I have purpose a passion something to motivate me to get up and get dressed everyday. Without that I am not sure I would keep choosing to get up every morning.

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