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Styling Secrets of Street Style Stars

We look at pictures of street style stars to celebrity red carpet looks and maybe even a co worker that seem to always look great and wonder why we don't look like that.  You may go out and but the clothes to get the look but find you just can't seem to achieve the look you want.  The trick is how you style it and it won't cost you a dime.  There are some key ingredients when trying to create a NYC or Paris fashion week street style star.

1.Mix Masculine with Feminine look through your fashion magazines from editorials to ad campaigns and you will see an element of this whether it is done quietly or loudly. 

2.Style your Blazer pushing up the sleeves/popping the collar.  You can also roll the sleeves up before you put it on, you will see a common key in a lot of the styling secrets.  Something undone.

3.Wear Formal Wear anytime, why not get more use of your sequined skirt or your full length ball skirt.  Add a denim shirt and your converse shoes with your sequined skirts or a chunky sweater and riding boots with a full length taffeta skirt.

4.Mix Materials to create more interest.  Leather jacket with a silk dress or a chunky sweater with a chiffon skirt.  Mix things that you typically wouldn't wear together one of the advantages is you can expand your wardrobe by being creative.

5.Wear One Color head to toe but do it in different shades.  You can do this in a silk material head to toe or you can go a step further and use different materials but I would stay with the same undertone. 

6.Belt It define your waistline with a belt.  Create a waistline on a trapeze style dress to change the look and fit.  When ever you want to create a narrower waistline belt over anything from a sweater to a blazer depending on your body shape the trick is to belt where you are the most narrow.  

7.Add One more Accessory before you leave.  "The difference between humans and animals is our ability to accessorize" Clariee Belcher Steel Magnolias I think Mademoiselle Coco Chanel would most definitely agree.  Layer your bracelets by mixing different metals and materials it is easier than you think by finding like pieces whether it is color or material and the first may be completely different than the last one but in between there is a story that got you there.  Layering jewelry is a great way to make what you wear unique and personal.

8.Men's White Button Down Shirt is a must and yes a men's shirt not a woman's.  Roll the sleeves, pop the collar and tuck in only one side this is one of those key ingredients of being undone.  Whether you are wearing it with boyfriend jeans, belted over a maxi skirt or over a bathing suit on the beach this is one shirt that you will definitely get enough use out of it so go ahead and invest in a good quality shirt.

9.A Full Skirt of Trousers  that have a lot of volume will actually give an illusion of being smaller if you pair it with a fitted shirt/sweater.  Katherine Hepburn with her tweed wide legged mens styled trousers with a fitted white button down shirt has always been a look I love. Another theme you are seeing by now is the idea of contradictions which is one of the easiest ways to create style and one of my favorite tricks.  

10.Wear your Outerwear from blazers to coats over your shoulder.  We have seen this for the past few seasons it is a styling trick used by fashion editors from Paris to NYC.  It creates a little drama to even a pair of jeans and a white tee.

11.Scarves must have scarves in every shape, size and color buy them simply because you love it don't over think it.  In transitional weather I keep a large oblong or square in my bag, it can be tied at the corners and worn as a kimono.  They can save you from a bad hair day or keep your hair in place when it is a little windy, add some cat eyed or oversized sunglasses for an old Hollywood look with a touch of intrigue.

12.Something Undone which I have touched on with different style tips but this is probably one of the most important style tricks.  Before you walk out the door stand in front of a full length mirror and undo one thing whether it is messy up your hair, half tucking a shirt or even rolling up your jeans deliberately rolling one side shorter than the other.  The goal is to look like you didn't spend a lot of time getting ready, that Parisian effortless style the makes them look like style is in their DNA.

13.Be Creative the goal is to create a Capsule Wardrobe of quality pieces not quantity and the way to do that is to wear things in different ways.  I went through another MAJOR edit of my closet and labored of what to do with my wrap dresses since I don't work anymore I just don't get a lot of use out of them.  Today I wore one of those wrap dresses over a white tee, cropped jeans and black ballet flats.  Wear a black shift dress over black cropped pants and a pair of black loafers for a modern minimalist look or throw a cable knit sweater over your summer maxi dress to take it into fall.

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Love this definitely going try some of these out and they are all so simple
, 08/23/2015