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How to Dress Like The Iconic Grace Kelly
"Those who do not want to imitate anything, produce nothing" Salvador Dali.  Finding inspiration from iconic women like Grace Kelly, Audrey or even Kate Moss doesn't take away from who you are as long as the icon you choose to get that inspiration reflects who you are.  When I was young looking for dresses for school dances I would look in the mirror and ask myself 'would Audrey wear this' if the answer was no I would put it back.  

Grace Kelly had a presence that no other woman has mastered in my opinion to date, Jackie O was the closest.  She was feminine, glamorous. the girl next door and a  tomboy with a smile that was infectious.  She was elegant, graceful but had a strength that typically wasn't found in women of her stature actually as I am writing this I would definitely put Jackie O and Grace in the same category. She was comfortable with who she was and what she wore. One day she would wear a fit & flare dress with a head scarf and cat eyed sunglasses then the next she would wear a men's button down shirt, capri pants and a pair of loafers. Today her style is still relevant and coveted by women all over the world.  With new generations of woman looking to her, she has transcendent style. It is not about getting the exact look but to understand her style and translate that to fit you personal style.

How to Dress Like Grace today:

Grace did wear color from jeweled colors to subtle pastels I stuck with neutrals for those girls like me that need to get more wear out of our clothes.

Square Scarves in several colors.  Wear them on your head, around your neck or tied to the handle of your bag. A classic print silk scarf from Hermes

Cat Eyed Sunglasses in black and white, they need to have a wow factor.  Go big or go home with these from Dior

Single strand pearl necklace maybe a couple bracelets but keep it simple.

Cardigans with a crew neck is perfectly Grace paired with a circle skirt or draped over your shoulders with a white tee and pair of khakis. Cashmere is always ideal like this one from J. Crew on sale for around 84.00 with coupon


A great red lip. She wears a blue red lipstick that also makes your teeth look whiter and I go to the Iconic Chanel for a great red lipstick 

Fit & Flare dress.  This one from Cos Store will take you from day to night at 125.00 it won't ruin your budget.

Circle Skirt is a must for obtaining her style from Mango for 79.99  

Mens trouser styled shorts at Mango for 79.99  

A mens white button down shirt like this one from Banana Republic for 59.50  

A pair of black capri pants in a slim fit will take you year after year, season after season like the Campbell capri from J. Crew on sale for 59.90 

Shawl collard camel coat from Mango for 229.00 I am dying for 

Black structured bag or obviously you can get the Hermes Kelly bag

Like Grace dress in a manor that 'fits' what you are doing, attending or how you feel that day.  It is important to dress for your lifestyle or you risk appearing frivolous or even trashy however don't be afraid to step it up a little.  Wearing a head scarf and bold cat eyed sunglasses may feel strange at first but if you are trying to get over a 'Monday flu' it the perfect look hiding those blood shot eyes, dark circles and unruly hair. If you are shopping for a new clothes and find that you don't know what your personal style is find a muse, or two.

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