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Can I Wear Denim Shorts After 40?

Can you wear denim shorts after 40?

The rules for fashion are outdated and like a good rules are they are meanto to be broken. Denim shorts can be worn over 40 if they look good on you. If you have great legs there is no reason you shouldn't flaunt them. To make them more 'age' appropiate it is all about the cut and how you style it.

How to Wear:

Length it needs to be longer to keep them from looking trashy.

The Cut should be loose and relaxed think boyfriend cut

Size go at least one size too big, I go 2 sizes. You don't want them to create a muffin top.

Color can be dark or light rinse but stay away from colored denim shorts or they will look like they belong to your daughter

Stay away from overly distressed its another look that is better for teenagers

Style it with a white button down shirt and heels or loafers to give them a more grown up look

TIP: The trick to wearing these 'not after 30' pieces is to style it with more 'age appropriate' pieces. You want to make it look 'all grown up' to do that you can't wear any more than one item that is 'ify'.

                                                                      If I have to tell you, you may need more help than I can give you

She always get it right


                                                                                                                                               Yeah not a great look

Mix Casual with dressier pieces


                                                                                                                    In the 90's this was my uniform  This will age you

Muffin Top is not a good look on ANYONE!! They are too tight and make you look heavier than you actually are

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