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It was a nice today and I had adoctor appointment so I left a little early to have a tea at my favorite coffeehouse and I wasn’t eaves dropping but this guy was so loud.  You know one of those that feels they are soimportant we must all want to hear what he has to say, ugh.  Well obviously, this was a first meet fromone of those online dating sites, for the record meeting at a coffee house isthe best thing to do for this kind of dating. All I wanted to do was tell this girl to run, he was a piece of work andas douchey as they come from the way he looked to what he was saying toher.  Honestly, I would have gotten upand left within the first two minutes.

He is telling her that she needsto ‘make an effort’ when she sees him because he deserves that, now I am gluedto this conversation hoping my daughter would never stick around for this.  He then proceeds to stand up and say look atme, he is wearing blue jeans that are too tight and a t-shirt he picked up atBaby Gap as if he was dressed perfectly. He’s a gym rat and I’m guessing the steroids have caused him to be thisstupid.  I honestly started to laugh outloud, who does that?  He must be veryinsecure and feels he has to lead with his bulging arms and I don’t know how hecould sit in those jeans. He goes on to describe how he dresses to any possibledate including what he would wear to meet her parents.  Whoa buddy this is a first meet, not even adate but it sounds more like he is giving her to rules of dressing if she wantsthe privilege to keep dating him.

I haven’t really heard her speak as he keepsrunning through what he expects by now he is giving her examples by goingthrough a series of dates including ones that blew him off.  I keep waiting for him to bust into a JerseyShore fist pump, he’s ridiculous talking about his hair and what hair productshe uses and I’m not making this shit up. This guy has issues, he is a control freak, lacking in self-confidenceand social skills.  All the qualities youwant in a guy, right?  If this is what itis like to date in your mid to late 20’s I want nothing to do with it. I’vebeen on bad dates but this girl is hanging in there, she has not made an excuseto leave or even roll her eyes so I’m afraid she is actually going to go outwith him again


, 02/15/2018