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Reading Use To Be Sexy

Apparently, no one reads books, newspapers or magazines anymore. They have Kindles, IPads and tablets to read from, I've tried to do it after all it's cheaper, easier to carry with you and instant access. Gone are the days of going to the bookstore paging through 100's of books trying to find the perfect one for your vacation or staycation. Like I said I have tried but honestly I can't do it, I miss the feel of the paper, the smell and the sound as the page turns. The romance of reading is gone, touching the cold screen of my IPad with all of its distractions notifying me of a new comment or like on my Instagram has ruined all of the things I loved about reading. I can't get lost in it, well I can get lost in my IPad but not the way I do with a book.

Since I was a kid I loved the places I could visit through a great book. The sounds and smells of the piazza in some quaint town in Italy or being transported in time to Paris pre WWII just don't seem to come alive as I swipe left. Granted it is easier to throw my slim tablet into my bag and much lighter than my copy of The Great Gatsby but it has no heart. It's cold, impersonal and lacking any texture. I miss the smell of a newspaper with my coffee, the sound of awkwardly folding it to get to the story I am reading and I even miss the ink on my fingers. Maybe I am old fashioned, out dated or just out of style but I miss the romance of reading a beautifully bound book, the coffee stained edges and the folding of the paper. Reading a book in the park on a beautiful spring day is just sexy.

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