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Restore Your Hair Overnight on a Budget

I was reading an article about the new 'it' products that can transform your hair overnight and the featured one that caught my attention. I believe that fashion and beauty should be for everyone regardless of their economic background so I do make my own skincare with the 'key' miracle ingredient the highend products are pushing. So the hair product I should have already thought of, vegetable gylcerine. Vegetable gylcerine draws moisture in so its great for your skin from sunburns to rashes to eczema so it would be perfect for your hair. I mixed it with my pomegranite seed oil and put it in my hair as my 'finishing' product. My hair was shiny and healthy looking without being greasy or wieghed down. Doing it myself saved me a ton of money and I got to control the quality of the products I use.

Vegetable Glycerine Uses

equal parts Rose Water (or distilled water) and Vegetable Glycerine is good for a makeup setting spray. Add Frankensense and cucumber seed oil and it will increase the blood flow and give you a nice glow.

it is the leading ingredient in over the counter eczema treatments I have used on my husband's eczema on his scalp tip add a little lavendar essential oil to help with the inflammation

add it to your hair oil to bring life back into your over processed dry hair. It is a humectant so draws in moisture so not the best if you are wanting to straighten your hair

add it to a DIY body butter

add to your own DIY face oil mix

Vegetalble glycerine is cheap and can be found at Amazon, Whole Foods or other health food stores.

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