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I Tested Stila's Color Correcting Pallet

I’m way behind on reviewing products so today I tried Stila’scolor correcting pallet. I watched a few YouTube’s of other people reviewing it and as they do, they applied this product heavy that may have been so you couldsee it but it was a huge turnoff for me. So I applied it more sparingly accept for a few spots so when I took pictures you could see, but if you do it don’t put it on so it’s opaque. My expectations for this product is to minimize red in my skin, cover some blue from my under eye and veins, lighten dark patches andbrighten certain areas. I’m not looking for perfect that’s why I’m only using a little.


At first glance this is creamy not dry so it will be easier to blend and can be used for medium to heavy coverage. It comes with five colors, orange, peach, green, yellow and pink and two powders in yellow and lavender. The packaging is pretty and well constructed. The compact is great because everything is in one place like an artists pallet. It comes with a large usable mirror so you can get a closer view of what you are doing. Stila is a beautiful line and they didn’t miss a thing in constructing this pallet.

The green covers red areas, I applied in my T-zone andchecks. I applied a thin layer, a little goes a long way. It removed the red but left my face a bit chalky but I’m going to apply a foundation over it so that should add some color back. So far I like my Dr Jart Cicapair Color Corrector better, it covers the red without leaving any weight.


My skin is very fair so I’m skipping the orange and using the peach, both can be used to cover dark circles, the orange is better for medium to dark skin tones. The product is creamy not a liquid so I’m afraid this will settle into any small lines later in the day. So far I prefer First Aid 5 in 1 eye cream, it isa liquid that has a pink color to brighten my under eye, I don’t really have a problem with dark circles.

Yellow is good for covering up dark spots and very red acne, this one I can see myself using on special occasions. I typically do a 5 minuteface unless I’m going out at night or an event. It definitely did its job in lightening darker spots and some freckles but again it’s adds some weight.


There are two powders in the pallet one in lavender and the other in yellow. Lavender is great for correcting sallowness, yellow in your skin but I don’t have any yellow so I didn’t use it. It can also be used underyour eye to brighten them but use sparingly because powder can highlight wrinkles you didn’t even know you had so lightly pat in with a small flat brush. I did use it at the corner of my mouth in an upward motion and at the cupid bow to brighten and lift that area. The yellow is again good for darkspots and to set the pink or green corrector. I used it on a few red spots to set my concealer.


Overall I will save the Stila Color Correction Pallet for night time looks because it’sa bit heavy for sunlight, the end result was good enough for my husband to be all excited. The under eye is a definite a no for me but if your under 30 with no age showing on your face I think it would work, I ended up having to pat an eye cream over it because it just didn’t lay right for me. Maybe Urban Decay's liquid color corrector would be better. The yellow I will use to cover veins in my eyelids and at the outer corner.  The pink is good for a more awake look at the corners or your eyes as well as over the brow and to brighten the shadows of marionette lines to minimize their appearance.  So if your needing a more ‘glamorous’ look once in awhile I’d say you probably can’t get much better than this. The cost is $45.00 so it’s a bit pricey, others have complained that they ran out of colors to early but if your just starting out with color correcting this is the best and the cheapest way to do it.  

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You say you wouldn’t wear during the dsy because it’s a lot of makeup but it doesn’t look like it in the final picture? What do you mean by your comment.
, 02/28/2018

*** Reply To: , 02/28/2018
Thank you for your comment, because this is a picture you can’t really see how heavy it is. This look is probably great for Instagram but in real life during the day it’s a bit much. It also feels heavy, my skin cleared up dramatically when I stopped with heavy makeup, I can’t even feel it’s on but this had some weight to it and I could feel it on my face. After a few hours I was needy to spritz it and blend because it began to settle into fine lines.
Carrie Licata , 02/28/2018