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Is Your Foundation Aging You
Is your foundation aging you? If you are over 35 and are still wearing the same foundation and shade you did in your 20's chances are the answer is yes. You need to change your makeup look and skincare several times as you age because your skin, skin tone and natural color changes and what you were using begins to fail you.  There are several way to use makeup to take years off your face, I have a couple blog posts on this, 45 yikes so it is something that I am going through but this is just going to be about the foundation unless my ADHD kicks in.  It all started when I saw a picture of myself and was shocked by how old I looked so I knew I needed to do something.

I started to research, yes research to find out how I could change this new look of mine.  I knew I needed to become more informed after I made a trip to  my local Sephora and was overwhelmed by shear amount of different foundations with no clue as to what I needed.  Yes I could have asked someone to help me but most of the sales people are under 30 and wear an excessive amount of makeup.  I am not a makeup artist so my beauty look needs to be easy so now contouring or highlighting for me.  I researched, read blogs and reviews trying to find the answer to my dilemma.  

The next time I went into Sephora I was prepared with a list of different products to try.  When it comes to foundation you really should try samples, most makeup counters will give you a sample so you can try it at home.  You need to know how it works in several different lighting situation and how does it look after a long day.  Your foundation is the single most important part of your beauty look, its the canvas and if your canvas is off so will the rest of your makeup.  I learned a few tricks from changing my shade to opting for more sheer coverage to avoid makeup from settling into wrinkles as well highlighting them.
How To Find Your Perfect Foundation:

a.Use tinted moisturizer instead of foundation it wears better on older skin

b.Turn your Foundation into a tinted moisturizer by just mixing it with your moisturizer or even with your primer this way you can adjust the coverage on a day by day basis

c.Stick with warmer undertones even if you have pink or neutral undertones. You will get a more youthful appearance with a warmer color

d.Go one shade lighter than your natural color since you are use a more sheer base you don't need to worry about looking too light/ghostly.  Doing that will brighten up your face and lighten some of those shadows you saw in that "OMG do I look like that" photo

e.Powder is not your friend, whether it is foundation or blush stay away from it.  Powder ages you and as the day goes on it can wear off unevenly especially if you have combination skin

f.Matte finishes absorb the light making flaws more noticeable, something that has a little sheen (not glitter never glitter) will bounce the light off hiding some flaws

How To Apply Foundation/Tinted Moisturizer:

a.First use a primer unless you are mixing it with your foundation.  I prefer to use a 'radiant' primer. Glowing skin is youthful and looks healthier.

b.I prefer a damp sponge but if you really like using a brush that works too.  A trick with the brush is to apply your moisturizer with your brush and then use it to apply your foundation (it will still have some of the moisturizer on it) it will help in blending for a more natural look

c.Start where you have the most imperfections either your t zone or on the outside of your face and them blend out to avoid having too much makeup all over your face

d.Blend, blend and blend!  I use a kabuki brush and I will blend in circles from center of my face outward. Foundation should not be used as concealer or a bronzer. 

Products I like:

?Laura Mercier Primer in Radiance 34.00  I have tried them all and this is the only one that really works for me. In the summer when it is very humid, don't get me started on the humidity here I will only use the primer and skip foundation or tinted moisturizer.  I never skip blush and you shouldn't either and it is a creme so it needs something to adhere to.

?Nars Sheer Glow 45.00  If I need a little more coverage during the day and I typically mix it with the primer.  This gives you that youthful glow and is a buildable foundation.  This is my favorite for night or special events.

?Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer 43.00  This tinted moisturizer is consistently on the top of the list of beauty professionals for good reason.  There are several choices for colors and options for shades were typically a light/medium or medium/dark

?Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer 43.00 I do like this product from the coverage to the finish however if I had to choose I will have to pick Laura Mercer's tinted moisturizer.

?Laura Mercier Smooth Finish Flawless Fluide 48.00 light coverage.  One of my absolute favorite parts of Laura Mercier's foundation and tinted moisturizer is the array of colors.  I am fair and typically the options  for fair skin is extremely limited, she has 23 shades to choose from.

Tip: Primer does not just give your makeup something to adhere to, extend the length of your makeup but it locks in your skincare serums and moisturizer making them more effective

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Laura Mercier is the BOMB love that sh#t
, 09/02/2015