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Those Wisemen Know a Thing or 2 About Anti Aging

Frankincense Oil typically reminds me of Christmas Eve Mass but actually it an essential oil used for anything from mental health to skin care. I have been using Frankincense Oil for abut 3 months now and I do like it. Now I have only used as skin care so that is the only personal experience I can offer you. Like most of these oils the benefits have not been approved for anything by the medical community or FDA. There also are no known side effects from the use of Frankincense Oil but as always if you are pregnant you should consult with your doctor before you use ANY essential oil.

Frankincense Oil is considered to be:





                                                  Skincare/Anti Aging

Frankincense Oil helps with skin turnover as it promotes new healthier sells while maintaining the healthy cells you already have. In other words what my skin stopped doing at around 35.

reduce/minimize fine lines

Lighten scars from stretch marks to acne scars

Reduce and prevent acne

Lighten or minimize appearance of sun (those enormous freckles at least that is how I like to look at it - don't rain on my parade) spots. If you want to keep those bad boys away you need to protect your skin from the sun because I believe those cells have memory and they don't actually go away but more like turned off.

Firm skin from face to body

How to Use for Skincare:

Since the big effects of using this oil is about cell turnover rate it is best used at night when your skin naturally starts this process

Add a couple of drops to your favorite night cream or oil blend.

Use as a toner and add a few drops to distilled water ( or Rose Water)

Facial Steam just add 2 drops of Frankincense Oil to boiling water throw a towel over your head and steam your face I will touch on this in a bit but its also good for your lungs

Add to your favorite body lotion since it is being used on your body you can increase the amount you add

Some suggest using Frankincense Oil l for:



Joint/Muscle Pain



Extreme coughing 


One site actually says it can prevent and cure cancer but I can't find anything that even remotely supports that but I am sick and I know I will and have tried anything and everything so while I cant tell you it will work I can tell you that there doesn't seen to be a downside from using it either. However I suggest talking to your doctor first especially if you are pregnant.

How to use:

Joint Pain add to an oil or unscented lotion and apply it where you need it

Depression/Anxiety/Sedative the easiest way is to just put a drop on your hand and inhale

Lungs this is where I am going to get back to you on, steam

On a note a lot of sites discuss drinking it for digestive issues however on further investigation I believe you would have to by Green Frankicence not the oil and it is expensive as well as hard to find.

You can purchase Frankincense Oil at Amazon and works with your Amazon Prime.


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