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When Is Cleaning Your Closet A Lifestyle Makeover?
Hi!! Long time no see? Actually I've been around and if you aren't already following me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram get to it!! I started a new ‘lifestyle’ change although it is about fashion it was heavily influenced by my Parisian lifestyle makeover and simplifying my life in general. To think it all started with cleaning out my closet, yes the dreaded closet. It always seems like a good idea until you start it. I wanted to review a virtual closet but I had to take pictures of everything I owned to upload it into my closet which was a huge undertaking because like most of you I've accumulated a lot of stuff. I figured since I was already pulling things out it only made sense to incorporate a long over do edit. UGH! I would have quit but I did a rookie procrastinator mistake, I pulled EVERYTHING out. I mean EVERYTHING from clothes to accessories. This project has just snowballed into a major life change but now I'm finally getting it under control. 

Honestly it was out of pure laziness at first, the more I got rid of the less pictures I had to take and upload. Each piece I tossed was at least 5 minutes of my life back so 20 garbage bags later I came to a realization I have too much! I still need to do more edits and my virtual closet will make that much easier, I'll go into more detail when I give my full review.  The real issue I had/have is this insane need to have so much. When I did that massive edit, after a few panic attacks, maybe I'll wear it, maybe I'll lose 20 lbs, maybe I'll need that purple and green sweater dress I realized I felt lighter. I removed all of this chaos from my life. I removed all of those dresses that mocked me, saying go ahead fatty eat another cookie. All of the fear, sheer panic of that edit was replaced with a calm. You would think finding something to wear would be harder, that's not the case. It's actually easier, I even feel like I have more options than before so that leads me into the next part of my project, no shopping for one year. 

Instead armed with my virtual closet app I will shop my closet. You know what, shopping my closet creating new looks with what I have is actually more fun than shopping. I get that feel good high but without that buyers remorse. If I have a special event and really feel I need something, like if you know you are going to run into an ex or old friemeny I can rent. Seriously if you haven't checked out Rent The Runway, what are you waiting for? Get to it! No more buying dresses you only wear once that end up collecting dust. I used them for all of my daughters high school dances, she got to wear a designer dress for the cost of a JC Penny dress and I didn't have to run to every mall/boutique in a 50 mile radius. Win, Win. This is what the Parisian Capsule Wardrobe is all about, having the best quality you can afford but having less. 

I've been posting the different looks I create on my social media sites, just click on the icons at top to visit them (another shameless plug for you to follow me) with style tips. The thing is I've learned so much about myself and who I am that really it isn't about fashion as much as it is about a lifestyle makeover. It has actually spilled over into other rooms in my house because who couldn't use a little less chaos in their lives? Over the next few months I will share the looks as well as give you tips I've learned (and still learning), who knows maybe you will get inspired to begin your own lifestyle/closet makeover. 

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