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Every Woman Should Have A Role Model
A True Rebel

As  little girl watching Bringing Up Baby with my grandmother, I was hooked. Katharine Hepburn with her silly laugh, the ability to be feminine without having to give up her strength was everything I wanted to be. In the fifth grade, I remember very clearly it was the year my parents divorced, I begged my mother  to get me her autobiography. You need to know I was not a reader, I hated reading but I was just that obsessed with her. She was an amazing woman who lived her life knowing no boundaries, a reluctant feminist that fought her way into Hollywood refusing to compromise. 

She was the first woman to wear pants in a movie, seems silly today but it was unheard of at the time. It was the age of Old Hollywood glamour, starlets wore silk dresses, furs and were dripping in diamonds something Katharine saw no value in. She was about substance not silly things like fashion yet she had a huge influence it. She created the tomboy fashion that is so prevalent on the streets of Paris today. Katharine was a rebel with a fighting spirit, something she definitely learned from her parents. 

As a young girl her parents were activists, they were educating people about STD’s and the importance of using condoms. They would have meetings, discussions and demonstrations (nothing x rated) about STD’s and how to prevent them in a time that such activity was illegal. They were educated and free spirits, definitely ahead of their time. I was so impressed by this when I read her book, although I'm pretty sure I didn't exactly understand what an STD or a condom was. This strength to go against society gave her the strength to go against Hollywood. 

She is a great role model for young girls today and I've tried to give my daughter a little of her fighting spirit. When Hollywood labeled her box office poison no one would hire her, her career was over but they underestimated Katharine. I'm sure she wallowed for a bit, felt sorry for herself but not for too long. She found a script, she bought that script and refused to release it unless she played the lead. The script was for The Philadelphia Story, an amazing romantic comedy co starring James Stewart and Carey Grant. She was nominated for best actress and cemented her place as one of the greatest actresses to live. I created a rule that I live by inspired by that autobiography, ‘you have one day (maybe two) to cry but tomorrow you have to get up and move forward’. 

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Katharine was known for her bare face and dark lip.  She  never wore a lot of makeup or tried to hide her freckles another look you will find on the streets of Paris. Wearing a burgundy lip after 40 is not the greatest look but Chanel's lipstick in L’adoree is perfect for any skin tone!

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