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You Need The Right Team To Succeed
Every Woman Needs The Right Team

Here is a truth that you may not know, it is a well guarded secret but I will share anyway.  Beauty is smoke and mirrors this goes for me to super models, no one looks like that when they wake up, pictures are altered and we all get a big zit in the middle of our face at the worst possible time. As Hilary Clinton once said it takes a village and these Every Woman Needs The Right Team
Here is a truth that you may not know, it is a well guarded secret but I will share anyway.  Beauty is smoke and mirrors this goes for me to super models, no one looks like that when they wake up, pictures are altered and we all get a big zit in the middle of our face at the worst possible time. As Hilary Clinton once said it takes a village and these celebrities have an entire team to put them together for an event.  They have personal stylists that dress them, personal hair stylist that come to them to do their hair and of course a make up artist to give her a flawless look. So how do we get our own glam team?

The most important team member, is a dermatologist.  Make up can not give you great skin and the more you try to hide your bad skin the worst the make up looks. Luckily today we have the internet and the resources to help us find the best skincare for our needs, its important that it is tailored to you and your skin.  If you have insurance and can afford it I do think you should see a dermatologist at least once year but twice a year would be better since our skin changes with the weather and so do our needs.  If you can't afford a dermatologist you can research on your own and find solutions you can afford.  If you can't afford a good exfoliate or facial brush a cheap, very cheap nubby wash cloth can exfoliate your skin. Healthy skin is beautiful and it gives you more confidence but it takes more than Retin A or botox to give you that healthy glow.

For real results enlist the help of a nutritionist. You have to feed your skin and body to get optimal results, actually this is something that the Parisian woman has been doing this for generations.  What you eat can either support healthy skin or it can actually speeds aging and damage. Sugar is your skins biggest enemy, it triggers inflammation in your body, damages your collagen and it exacerbates skin conditions like acne and roseca. My new favorite word, 'mindful' this is probably the best diet advice I can ever give. Be mindful of the food you put into your body, make sure that what you eat is feeding your skin and in return your skin will thank you.  If you are struggling with weight this simple philosophy will change your life, only eat food that has nutritional value. Again the internet is a wealth of information but stay clear of lofty claims from companies about some pill will make a size 20 woman a size 6 in 8 weeks, if it sounds too good to be true it is too good to be true.

Your hair frames your face and just like a beautiful picture the wrong frame will distract and compromise the beauty of the picture.  A great hair stylist is worth their weight in gold but it does no good if you are not relying on their expertise. Instead of pulling that picture out of your bag talk with him and tell him what you are wanting in general.  Tell him how short you are willing to go, how much time you really spend on your hair everyday and ask him what he thinks would be best.  A great haircut looks good with little to no styling for your everyday look, wash and go. It should work with how your hair naturally falls.  Utilize your stylist's knowledge and book an appointment to show you how to style your hair for me I have 3 looks I like to do from everyday to special events. Be honest with yourself and your hairstylist on your ability to do your hair, if you don't use a hair dryer or a curling iron he needs to know that so he can give you a haircut that fits your ability.  Tell them what you like about your last haircut and what you didn't like about. Don't let fear stop you from going outside your 'comfort zone' its hair and it will grow back so if he says he want's to try something you never thought about go for it have a little fun be a little fearless and if it doesn't work its a great excuse to go shopping for hats. They want you to look good because you are his best advertising, when people stop to compliment your hair and you tell them who cuts your hair he gets more clients so it is extremely important to him that you look good. 

If you live in the Midwest or suburbs pretty much anywhere trying to find a makeup artist is nearly impossible.  I wouldn't even know where to start to find a make up artist in Missouri. Sometimes you can find a good sales person at the makeup counter and they do get training its just that they are sales people trying to sell their products.  Actually I have never liked any makeover I got at the makeup counter and it is because they didn't understand what my style is.  Like the hairstylist be honest about what your skill level is and the amount of time you spend on makeup everyday, for me typically 5 minutes but for special minutes I am willing to go as high as ten minutes.  If you typically only wear mascara it doesn't make sense to try a complicated look. A great way to make sure that the look she is applying is something you can recreate is to have them do one side of your face and you do the other and don't buy it right away. Walk around with it and look at it in different lights to see how it looks you can also take pictures in different light and really get a good idea of how it looks.  A tip I got from an agent that I still do today is to look through images, magazines and pull out the models that look the most like you (skin tone, hair color, eye color not actually look like the model) and look the way you want to look. Again the internet is a great tool, it gives us access to experts from all over the world but don't look to change what you look like instead enhance your natural beauty.

The final team member and newest celebrity, a personal stylist which if you thought getting a makeup artist was hard in Missouri this one is impossible not to mention it might be a little over kill for the PTA.  Again pulling pictures in magazines or googling street style is a great way to find what you like and to find the right clothes for you, you need to know what you like. You have to find out what your 'Signature Look' is which whey you look at all of those pictures you saved it will be in there, it is the common factor. Know what you have and what you need before you hit the mall, having a plan will save you money and time. When it comes to what you need, you need to know what your lifestyle is.  If you are a work from home person you don't need a lot of suits but you should avoid sweats at ALL costs but if you are a banker you won't need a lot of jeans and t shirts.  Having a go to store is the next best thing to a personal stylist and takes the stress out of shopping.  My go to is J Crew yours may be Free People but this should be the store that you don't have to try it on to know it works for you, you know you can always find what you need.  Shopping online is the best option for me from finding the right length, Im 5'11", the best price point and giving me access to clothes that I wouldn't typically be able to find in Missouri.  Don't try to be someone you are not, stay true to yourself just be a better more put together you. The internet has made fashion accessible for all of us from offering more options to more cost effective options that fit your budget.

These are all the things that tell people who you are in that ever so important first impression.  You can have your Red Carpet moment by making an entrance when you walk into a room whether that room is your kitchen or a high school reunion. These tools, smoke and mirrors, are superficial but when you look good you feel good.  When you feel confident it shows in the way you walk, hold yourself and you have the something special in your eyes that twinkle a little when you smile. You find that your outer appearance effects your inner self and that is what is truly beautiful. 

"Dress to be the woman you want to be" Donna Karan 

**I think it is important to dress in something that you feel represents who you are and what your style is when you get your haircut or hitting the makeup counter.  It lets them get a better idea of what you like and whether you need a more conservative look or something a little edgy. If you are going through a big change in your life, like a divorce and you are going to reinvent yourself maybe you need a little of Pink's ass kicking I don't need you attitude.

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