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Common Sense on Vacation

When we are on vacation we seem to feel it applies to all aspects of our live from diet to drinking to being safe. I see people making stupid decissions all around me and some of those decisions could completely alter the rest of their lives. I am in Puerto Vallarta and I have seen things that just made me want to scream ' WTF are you doing?' this is still Mexico. You should never forget that you need to be aware of your surroundings. Although it looks like paradise it is still a third world country.

The other night we had dinner at CC's on the beach and this group of maybe 10 twentysomethings sat behind us within 5 minutes they were lighting up a joint on the beach. Listen Im not the pot police and I really don't have an issue with it on a whole but this is Mexico. Unlike the United States this won't end with a slap of the hand this will either land you in a Mexican jail or having to pay a huge 'fine' and by fine I mean bribe. There is even a scam right now where the officer is video taping you and they are entrapping you. Anyway you look at this its just not worth it. I wanted to say something but what if they were being watched or video taped and I end up in the middle of it and end up in a Mexican jail myself.

Girls getting so drunk they don't even know whats going on as the young Mexican muscians that play for money on the beach are plying them with copious amounts of alcohol screaming to be raped or worst. They are just accepting drinks from men they dont't know half dressed and falling down. None of them know whats going on or the trouble they are inviting after all they are in paradise. I'm afraid that their paradise most likely turned into a nightmare.

I am enjoying my holiday in paradise, I am also aware of my surroundings. I have raised my daughter to always know that she is never safe from danger. That one wrong step could ruin the rest of her life and I hope and pray she never forgets. It is scary because she is 17 so she is within that age range but I also can't keep her in a bubble in another year she will be going off to college and I won't have any control over her. 18 years fly by they go from little girls to college girls in a blink of an eye and it is so scary, are they ready to be on their own? Yes I am on vacation but not from common sense.

Everytime my daughter goes out without me I run through my list;

Never accept a drink from a stranger no matter what age, how cute they are, how well dressed they are or whether it is water or alcohol. You need to open it yourself or watch it being opened and ensure you are the only other person that handles it.

Never leave your drink behind or lose sight of it even if it is a pop. If she does lose track of it throw it out, its not worth the risk.

If approached for drugs do not engage just keep walking. She actually did have someone do that to her and she noticed a cop 20 feet away.

Only walk were there are a lot of tourists.

If, and not saying I want her to I am just realistic, she goes out drinking that one person needs to be the designated 'safe' friend to ensure nothing happens.

Do not share a cab with someone you didn't know before this vacation. Same goes for getting a ride back.

Do not go back to someone elses hotel, condo or home

NEVER forget you are in a third world country and you are one stupid stunt away from ruining the rest of your life.

Enjoy your vacation, I am not saying spend all of your time in fear because I do not do that. Be smart, listen to that little voice that says something isn't right because 7 times out of 10 your right.

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