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Dress To Honor Yourself
Better Than Sweats

I know you wear sweats because: I'm not going anywhere, they are comfortable, no one is going to see me or I don't have anyone to impress. I've heard it all! Who do you dress for, really? Dress to honor yourself, dress to honor your family not for other people. Dress so when you walk past a mirror you recognize the person looking back at you. Dress to be the person you want to be even when it comes to your pj’s because you deserve it. My mom told me to never get into the habit of wearing elastic pants because you won't notice you’ve gained weight until it's too late. When you are wearing your regular clothes you are less likely to overeat, your pants won't grow with you. You’ll notice if you've gained a few pounds immediately and it's easier to lose 2 pounds as opposed to the 15 that you didn't realize because your pants grew with you. 

Dress to honor yourself, I love this concept because I think we spend so much time, as women, on other people we forget just how important we are. This doesn't mean you need to wear ‘high fashion’ or full makeup everyday. You should assume you could run into anyone, anytime and you should never be embarrassed if you do. Let's be real, when we look good we feel good. You walk a little taller, smile a little more and just feel better about everything. That doesn't just affect you but everyone in your home, the people you bump into because of the energy you are putting out there. Wear what you love today, don't wait for the perfect moment that may never come. Be present in your life and enjoy the moment you are in, remember your kids are watching and they are learning. 

Cashmere Sweater by J. Crew Nothing feels better than cashmere
Layering Tank by BCBG
Jeans by Madewell 
Knit Triangle Fringe Scarf by Free People
Pink/Rose Rhinestone Earrings by J. Crew
Sunglasses by Illesteva 
Oxfords by Cole Haan More comfortable than my sneakers
Men's Leather Watch by Fossil I bought mine used so it has that ‘I stole it from my dad’ feel
Tote by Madewell 

Never (not even your sleepwear) wear:
Ripped/Stained/Damaged Clothes
Clothes that you don't love
Clothes that don't fit
Clothes that don't look good on you, you know what looks good on you by how you feel
Uncomfortable shoes, you will walk funny and that's not a good look
Anything you would be embarrassed to be seen in if you ran into an ex or old nemesis 
Anything you can grew into
Anything meant for the gym unless you are in the gym

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