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Do's and Don'ts for Company Christmas Parties

I can not believe it is already November and the holiday season is fast approaching which means there will be gatherings after work with co workers or a company party. These events can make you or break you for future opportunities. Company parties allow you to mingle with upper management and if you do it right they will remember you the next time a position opens up on the flip side do it wrong and every time your name is thrown into the mix they will also remember you just not in the way you would want them to.

The number one rule that you should NEVER break only one to two drinks maximum. Getting drunk with your co workers may seem like fun but do you want to show that side of you to your employeer? Keep your personal life out of your work life. Yes it is a party and they may have a free bar that would seem to embrace the idea or tying one on but this is not a party it is a work party. It is a time for you to network and promote yourself.

Second rule is to dress to impress. You may not see the CEO very often so this is your moment to connect and introduce yourself. Dress for the event. Steer clear of sequined dresses and crazy Christmas sweaters, unless it is an ugly Christmas sweater party in that case join in and be a team player. I would stick with a simple sheath dress or pencil skirt and button down shirt with simple accessories. Stick with a minimalist style from head to toe it is classy and sophisticated which is a great first impression.

Third talk! Talk to people be social and introduce yourself to people you don't know. Get up to date on current events. A couple of do's and don'ts to help you navigate your way through this networking event. Don't spend all of your time with the people you already know. Do use this as an opportunity to meet new people. Don't complain about co workers or management. Do talk about your co workers in a positive manner. Don't gossip about co workers or management. Do gracefully excuse yourself from groups that are gossiping. Stay neutral you are Switzerland and you like everyone. This is work not the playground at school. Trust me mamagement does not need you to tell them that Suzy is lazy and doesnt do her part they already know. Don't throw anyone under the bus. Do be a problem solver not a problem identifier. Don't complain about your salary or new sytems that are not working. Ok I feel I need to give an example of problem solver vs problem identifier.

Problem Identifier: The problem identifier goes to management and says ...... doesnt work and i cant do it.

The problem solver: The problem solver goes to management and says I think if we do ....... it would be more effiecient.

Which person do you want to talk to?

The company party is your time to shine to politic your way to the top of the list for the next opportuninty. This goes for ALL company events including after work cocktails. Work life needs to be seperated from your personal life when you merge them together it never works out well. So dress to impress, be social and mingle, stay sober and keep professional.

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