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How To Shop Online Sucessfully
Shopping online can be a stressful experience since you can't try it on it can be difficult to especially if you are looking for something for an upcoming event and short on time.  I was going to write about the sites I go to and how to shop them but I realized that the biggest issue people have about shopping online is not knowing how to size it or how it will look.  I have become pretty good, actually an expert on being able to order not only the right size but also the right cut.  There are a few key elements that have worked for me and they will help you too if you follow some of these guidelines as well as being honest with yourself. The first step is probably the most important.


1.KNOW YOUR BODY.  Knowing what you want to hide and highlight is the most important step.  Simply stand in front of the mirror in your bra and panties and really look at your body but do not pick yourself apart.  This is not about what you want to fix and should not be a negative experience. 

2.UNDERSTANDING OF CUTS knowing how an item is cut, the way it will fall and how it affects the fit. A pair of low rise jeans may fit at 28, a high rise may fit better a 29 or even 30 while a boyfriend jean may fit better at a 27 at the same store, same company its no wonder we get frustrated with online shopping. To understand what size you need to know your body. If you have a large bust low back, low cut dresses are not a good idea for you.  

3.FABRIC does it have lycra and how much can help in determining size.  Understanding fabric will allow you to know how it falls, wears and moves

4.WHERE IT WAS MADE if it was made in the UK a size 6 would generally be a size 8 in United States if not a 10 this one is can be tricky and we have vanity sizing to thank.


1.READ REVIEWS this is a great resource in determining fit, size and quality  

2.RESEARCH ONLINE if you are not sure search it up online and look for information on the fit

3.LOOK AT THE PICTURE if it is the fit, the way it looks on the model that you like. If it is a little on the looser side she is probably wearing one to two sizes larger than she typically  wears

4.THE CUT knowing this will help you determine if you need to size up or size down. If you want to slim your mid section a wrap cut (thank you DVF), rouching and tidal wave pleating (thank you Nicole Miller) can create an illusion of thinner waist. 

5.TAILOR if I find a dress that I really love at a great price I will order a size too big so I can have it fitted to my body.  This can take a 50.00/100.00 dollar dress and make it look like a high end designer dress and it will look amazing on you.
6.FIT knowing the fit can help determine whether you want to size up or down.  When it comes to jersey it is suppose to be fitted but its not a look that looks good on me so I size up so I can pull it up creating a look of rouching where I want to conceal any area I need to.

7.COST/CARE when deciding if this a good purchase take into effect the hidden costs from tailoring to dry cleaning. If you don't go to the dry cleaner or have the budget to do that on a regular basis you may need to reconsider the wool sweater same goes for ironing if you avoid it at all costs you may need to opt fot non iron shirts.

8.FABRIC depending on the fabric it can shrink when you wash it especially on knit wear so I buy sweaters that typically shrink a bit up to 2 sizes too big.  I like my sweaters to fit a little big especially cardigans and cable knit sweaters.  I also like to wear a button down shirt under sweaters to create different looks so you need to take that into account.

9.AVOID IMPULSE SHOPPING which leads to buyer remorse. If you are not sure you NEED it walk away and revisit it in a couple of days.  I only buy things that I can imagine styling it 3 different ways with items I already have, this part of the concept of having a capsule wardrobe.

10.LIFESTYLE be honest about your lifestyle to determine whether you would even get any use out of that dress.  We have all done it in fact right now I could probably pull out 5 or 6 things (after I cleaned out my closet) that still has tags that I have never worn. Wasted money that could have been used for a vacation or a night out.

So happy shopping and get in on those end of season sales that are going on right now. If you are still nervous only shop on sites that offer free returns or in store returns if you have a store in your area.  

Tip on tailoring: If you need to take jeans or pants up spend the extra money on a trick hem.

Tip on jersey: Quality is extremely important when deciding on purchasing it.  Look for double layered or thicker jersey it you don't that pencil skirt will find every lump and divot you didn't even know you had.

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