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Why You Need To Add Jojoba Oil To Your Skincare Routine
Jojoba oil is found in hair care and skin care product from cleansing to moisturizing, it is a carrier oil like rose hip seed oil, sweet almond oil and apricot seed oil just to name a few.  Using a carrier oil does exactly what it sounds like it does, mixing it with other essential oils allows it to be absorbed into your skin and get the maximum affects of your products. What makes jojoba oil an excellent addition to your hair and skin care routine is because it mimics your natural oil.  There are some studies that show adding this oil to your skincare could prevent acne, essentially since it is so close to our natural oil that it tricks your skin from producing sebum oil which is what causes acne. Jojoba oil is more stable than other carrier oils allowing it to not go rancid like rosehip seed oil and it does not lose its antioxidants after being opened for a long time.

Why Jojoba Oil:

High in Vitamin E

Anti inflammatory

Antioxidants as we know this is what we need to fight free radicals

Anti Bacterial

Skincare Uses: 

Makeup Remover: Just add a few drops onto a cotton ball, gently wipe off makeup and rinse off with warm water.  

Lip Care: Before you go to bed apply the oil directly to your lips it is an excellent overnight conditioning treatment

Soften Skin: Add a few drops to your favorite moisturizer, Diy recipe or to your bath

Prevent Acne: The jury is still out on this however I have noticed since I switched to oil over lotion that what ever acne I had  was gone

Before or After Shaving: To avoid razor burn

Moisturize Body: Apply immediately after your shower to moisturize your skin and lock in moisture without leaving behind a sticky residue. You should apply any lotion or oil to your skin after you shower when it is damp for optimal results

Overnight Treatment: Jojoba oil makes a great overnight treatment for dry, tired skin

DIY Recipes for skincare: 

Vitamin C Serum 10%                                                    
1/4 t L ascorbic acid                                                  
1/2 t jojoba oil
1 3/4 t of distilled water

Mix well to dissolve the L ascorbic acid crystals have dissolved completely. Store in a dark colored bottle to help preserve the vitamin C.  Any vitamin C serum you buy or make has a short life span losing it's potency so only buy or make small amounts at a time. *Increase the amount of L ascorbic acid will give you a higher percentage of Vitamin C. I don't recommend going over 20% (1/2 t L ascorbic acid)

Anti Aging Serum

2 TBL jojoba oil
1 1/2 tsp rosehip seed oil
1/4 tsp vitamin C
2 drops frankincense oil
2 drops myrrh oil
2 drops of patchouli oil
3 drops of lavender
Mix the ingredients into a dark colored bottle, I like to use amber bottles with a dropper otherwise I waste a lot of the serum on over pouring.

Hair Care:

Damaged Hair Treatment: Apply a quarter size of jojoba oil and apply to damp hair, leave on for 10 minutes than shampoo to remove the oil followed by conditioner

Conditioner: Add a few drops to your favorite conditioner

When you purchase jojoba oil, like all oils look for unrefined, cold pressed oil and make sure there are no other ingredient added to the oil. The idea is to be able to control the quality and integrity of the oils you use whether it is added to products you already have or are making your own.  Jojoba oil is an easy addition to your skincare and hair care routine.  With it being like your natural oils it could prevent acne as and it is a superior hair treatment. 

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