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Aging is a 5 Letter Word

We spend our youth trying to look younger and we spend out adulthood trying to look younger so basically we are never happy with they we look. It is kind of crazy when you think about it, why do we have such a hard time enjoying the moment, the age we are today? We are told what beauty is by pop culture and altered pictures in magazines but we know it is not real so why do we let it affect our self image?

Here is the thing I am 44 and I don't feel like my life is over. I'm not sure I have even started to live yet. I still feel sexy and beautiful in fact the skin I have today is better than the skin I had when I was 23. I am more confident with how I look and who I am than I was just 7 years ago. I'm not ashamed of my age and yeah I don't have the body I had when I was 20 but thats ok I don't have to.

We are constantly being influenced by pop culture to look 20 with surgery, botox or fillers but honestly why would I want to look like that again. I don't want to go back and go through all of that again. Most recently of the crazy youth obsessed Hollywood actresses, Renee Z. She is beautiful so why did she feel she needed to do something that dramatic? I'm not bashing her because she is a woman and she is my sister the last thing we, women, need to do is attack other women. Honestly I imagine aging as an actress is extremely hard, think about how crazy we get having to go to a High School reunion. The last time we saw these people we were 18 and that is what they remember you looking like which is not the woman you are today. But why do we shame women for aging?

If we want to stop the obessesion of being young we have to be able to celebrate the women we are today. The French have a saying, enjoy the face you have today because in 10 years it will be the face you wish you had. With age some really great things happen such as our cheek bones become more pronounced. We know what works for us from years of trial and error. We are more established in life, career and relationshps. We've become more sophisticated in every aspect of our lives which is sexy, its the defining quality of what is sexy. 20 year old girls slamming beer out of a plastic cup are neither sophisitcated or sexy so whats the obessession with looking 20 again?

We need to change the perception of aging

Celebrate the beautiful women we are today

Dress to celebrate yourself not hide

If you decide to do botox or fillers pick just one thing and don't try to look younger than you are. It should be done in a way that people say you look great but they just can't put their finger on it.

Get a great haircut and update your look frequently. Nothing ages you more than having the the same hair style you did when you were 20, same goes for makeup.

Don't hate younger woman instead talk to them and enjoy them for who they are. I'm not saying go out and try to do what they do but don't be angry because they are young.

Keep learning, evolving and enjoying the world you live.

Stop bashing other woman for aging or having a lot of work done. If we can't support our sisters we will keep ourselves down. Lets raise eachother up. Lets expect more out of ourselves

Remember our daughters are watching us are we living a life that we want them to live

Redefine beauty and stop letting pop culture and advertisements tell us what is beautiful. We come in all different sizes, shapes and color isn't that what makes up beautiful?

Stop hiding what we don't like instead lets focus on what we do like

Be the woman you want to be, the woman you want your daughter to be and the woman your mother would be proud of

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