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Luxurious Morning Face Mask

Every morning or before a special event I do a moisturizingmask that plumps my skin and creates a nice glow, the best thing is you haveeverything you need in your bathroom to do this luxurious mask. First applyyour serum, I love Clarins Booster Repair like you normally do and follow witha heavy layer of oil like Sweet Almond Oil. Let that soak in for a few minutesbefore applying a heavy layer of your daily moisturizer, I use Sunday ReillyEnzyme Moisturizer. Normally I use a water moisturizer like Tatcha’s WaterCream but it’s not the best for this especially in colder weather followed witha very heavy layer of eye cream, I like First Aid 5 in 1 Eye Cream. Oh mostimportant do the same to your neck and decolletage nothing shows your age morethan your neck and decolletage so always take special care of those areas. Afterabout 15 minutes I massage everything in , massaging will stimulate your skin briningmore oxygen to your skin which is anti-aging. If I have any left over I blotwith a paper towel. Moisturizer skin looks better, younger and more awake whichwill make your makeup look better.


Skincare is where the bulk of your beauty budgetshould go, there is no amount of makeup that will make your skin look better. Heavymakeup actually ages you it highlights your flaws. I found heavy eyeshadow andeyeliner made my eyes look smaller and once I went to less makeup my skin evenbegan behaving better. In the morning I spend about 5 minutes on makeup but 15to 20 minutes on prepping my skin but since I can do this routine while I dressand do my hair it doesn’t really cost me any time. Create a good quality skincareroutine nightly, morning and weekly and soon you will see results andyou’ll need less makeup

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