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Take Years of Stress Off of Your Eyes

At the end of the day my eyes are tired, its hard to focus even with my glasses. Occassionally I get headaches from straining my eyes. I know it has to do with stress of everyday life, reading and of course the computer oh lets not forget my age. I do a lot of reading for my blog and I research everything. Honestly I research everything before I buy, it cost a lot of money to look this good, LOL. The problem is the market is saturated and everyday there is a new magical product or supplement. Well back to tired, strained and red eyes.

I came accross a product from France, of course, Couttes Bleues. It is made from a mixture of floral waters (cornflower, sweet clover, elder, camomile and hamamelis), mrthylene blue azulene, benzalkonuim chloride, sodium borate and sodium chloride. If you wear contacts you need to take them out for 30 minutes before you put them back in. I have to say I do love them and absolutely reccomend anyone trie them. You can get it at Amazon so now it is available in the United States.


Relieve tired, burning, itching eyes. Over time make your eyes clearer and brighter. Whiten the whites of your eyes.

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