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Luxe Fur Accents
Fall Trend Luxe Mink

If you've already gotten some of your September issues you will see these amazing sweaters with Fur Cuffs.  I have to say I do like those luxe details whether you get real fur or like me good quality fake.  You don't even need to look at the price because it's out of your price range so you lust for it. A few years ago when the Fur Collar was in I found a great faux fur collar that I could add to any top of my choice or add to a sequined dress for a little fun so why can't you do the same with fur cuffs?  Well it took very little time to find some great fur cuffs for minimal investment and since they are just the cuffs you can add it to anything from a sweater to a dress to a coat and casual to formal.  The other advantage is I get to play with different looks and breathe new life to some boring basics.

I love everything about this Michael Kors look and I will definitely be recreating this look. You could easily recreate this look out of your Capsule Wardrobe items and just add the cuffs to update it.

You will be seeing a lot of this, adding a pussy bow tie shirt under a dress 
and adding fur cuffs.  I'm not sure how I feel about the fur lined shoes, they won't wear well.

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It is actually pretty easy to find these fur accents online from sample sales to Amazon and you should have no problem finding some to fit your budget with some starting a 3.99.

Faux Fur Cuffs at Etsy for 28.95

                                                                             Vintage Dark Mink Fur Set on ebay starting bid 25.00 

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Just ordered my fur cuffs great idea!!
, 08/28/2015