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Reset Your Body

I can not believe it is almost May with the weather we have been having here in the midwest you would think it was fall not Spring. Unfortunately this means we will be hit with a large dose of reality like a slap in the face, bathingsuit season. UGH! I do not believe in diets so I would never suggest such a thing the mere thought of a diet makes me hungry. Twice a year I do a quick 5 to 7 day reset diet. Any weightloss that occurs from this reset is fleeting but it is a great jump start to eating better which can lead to weightloss. I eliminate sugar, refined carbs, preservatives, meat and fat. 

On a side note I never weigh myself I find it to be self deprectg. Its more about how my clothes and how I feel. I am not a fan of BMI because it does not take into its calculations the amount of muscle you have its too generic. Pick a 'size' you would feel comfortable at and stay there the constant up and down is not good for your body or skin. If that size is a 14 or 6 make sure it is realistic and realize it takes time, discipline and determination.


Breakfast Smoothie

There are several options but I do prefer the Belly Flattening smoothie (recipe from 7/28/2014)

Must have fruit, greens (kale/spinach), low fat greek yogurt (non fat is not a good option), since it is breakfast I like to add a little more protien typically from almond butter/raw almonds and a liquid. Do not add sugar, sugar substitues or sugary juices. Water/Almond Mik/Coconut Milk/Soy Milk are all great options for using as a liquid


Raw/Clean snack

Portion Control it is a light snack

Raw, unsalted almonds with a little plain low fat greek yogurt and berries

Apple with thinly sliced parmasean. Parmasean has a big flavor so you don't need much

Lunch (sometimes I switch dinner with lunch)

Lean Green Smoothie recipe dated 8/22/2014

Or make your own smoothie much like the morning smoothie

Snack if needed

Vanilla Almond Milk

Popcorn Cauliflower

Apple and Almond Butter


Quinoa Salad Mediterranean Style recipe under diet/ Spring Summer = Diet

Brown rice and beans

Arugala Salad with balsamic glaze

Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day for an extra detox effect put lemon in your water. First thing in the morning drink hot lemon water.

Hot tea, green tea, will give you more antioxidants and it will help curve your need to munch.

No eating in front of the tv. You want to be mindful of what you are eating its a good habbit to get into. The goal is to get everything in check and be ready to eat and live a healthier life. I always feel and look better afterwards.

You need fat to have your body work properly but fried fat. Lowfat greek yogurt is by far a better option than non fat. Nuts, Avacado, EVVO and coconut are absolutely good for you and if you want to lose weight you will need those oils just remember portion control. Eating healthy, clean diet will improve all aspects of your mind and body as well give the appearance younger skin.

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