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Drink This Tea and You Will Lose Weight?

I see a lot of crazy diet stuff on social media and magazines but now the tea shop telling me some blend of tea will help you lose weight . The sales clerk actually tells me how much weight she has lost drinking this $100 an oz tea and all the customers are having great results. Of course I want to believe her who wouldn't to. If all I had to do was drink this tea blend make no other changes and the weight will fall off.

Then we have my brain saying sounds too good to be true it is too good to be true. I politely say no thank you and she keeps pushing to a point that the Chicago Irish girl comes out. I tell her that there is no tea that will make you thinner that I think it is irresponsible of her to push this snake oil and pray on the emotions of women dying to be thin. She steps back and looks like a deer in headlights. I would typically feel bad but honestly this is a HUGE pet peeve of mine.

There are other customers in the store and they are all looking at me and looking at the tea in their hand. You can see doubt coming over their faces. You would think the sales girl would be done with me but nope. I tell her that to lose weight the only formula that will work is a calorie deficit whether from food, excersice or a combonation of both. Hold on I didn't slam tea after all I am there to by my matcha and pu erh so I do value tea and its affects on health, mental well being and diet (yes diet but hear me out).

I told her that drinking hot tea can decrease your appetite and stop you from snacking and if it is caffiene free it increases your water intake which also decreases your appetite. She smiles like I just gave her validation and laugh and I say but any tea will work for that purpose so you do not have to spend a $100 an oz and she deflates. The customers are all looking at me as if I am a svengal of losing weight.

I do drink tea, I love tea its relaxing and feels a little luxerious with my cute tea pot and cup. I believe you should add green tea/matcha for anti oxidants, pu erh for cholesterol, peppermint for an upset stomach and chamomile when you need to relax (I add my lavendar that I got at Penzy Spice). I do not believe that any of these teas are the weight loss secret. The secret is calories in vs calories out and that is it, you have to create a calorie deficit and tea is not going to do that for you. In conclusion save your money and get teas you like and when you feel you are wanting to munch make a cup of tea first. If you want the $100 tea because of the taste by all means get it, just get it for the right reasons.

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