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All You Have To Do Is Wear A Corset

I just read an article an online from Elle, The Lazy Girls Guide to Waist Training like Kim Kardashian by Danielle Prescod. First thought is 'well if it is from Kim Kardashian it must have substance' cough cough. I may not be her biggest fan but I have to hand it to them and her mom they know how to make a brand and all the more power to them just not my thing. But this is about the article I read, not my feelings on Kim.

It seems Kim Kardashian has a new workout/nonworkout routine and it is wearing a corset for 6 weeks and she posted a picture on Instagram so of course now it is the thing to do. So Danielle decides to try it and document her experience and it was very honest. First corsets are not fun hell I don't like to wear Spanx or tights or nylons I just hate anything that is tight arounnd my waiste. I wear my pants a little loose because of my adversion to anything tight. So if any of you are interested it was that the 'workout band' corset was purchased for this experiment. So you are aware I hate all FAD diet schemes they don't fix the real problem and typically whatever you lose you gain back.

So Danielle starts her process and off the bat says she is not doing the exercise part. First thing that goes through my head is muscle loss and losing muscle decreases your metabolism and is the reason you typically gain all of the weight plus some when you go back to your normal eating habits. You the eating habits that cause the weight gain to begin with but Im not judging trust me I am right there with you. Back to Danielle she tells you the truth she was uncomfortable, irritable and not eating as much because the corset is making it hard to eat a lot. I imagine that is the 'magic' trick it is a temporary gastoric bypass in a sense.

She is losing weight, not exercising but eating less. First rule of weight loss you have to burn more calories then you take in. She also tells us that she is doing this during NYFW so she is running around and standing a lot so burning more calories then her normal everyday routine and eating less, as in a meal here and there. She is eating less and is more active and she is young so she is losing weight. I remember being in my 20's. even my 30's, and how easy it was to lose weight now I could eat one meal a day and run a marathon everyday and still not lose weight.

About 3 weeks in she realized atrophy is setting in and I didn't think about that when she started. A tight corset all day for 4 weeks is 4 weeks your abs and back haven't had to hold you up. We don't realize how much our core works on a daily basis. Atrophy can set in, in just a matter of days so this is a serious downfall of this 'fad' diet. She does say they told her she needed to exercise and she did not follow instructions. I think most people that would be wanting to do this have an adversity to exercising. Most people are looking for a quick no effort way to lose weight which is proven by the massive amount of money people spend on this sort of stuff. The thing is we know there is no magic pill but this is such an emotional issue that we still hope something will work.

Danielle ends this experiment happy with the results and even going back to the corset a few weeks aftter the experiment. That is the interesting part to me in just mere weeks she was reaching for her corset again so it didn't last. She is still happy with it and the results one of the results was improved posture. For the last 3 weeks of her program she started working out 3 times a week and admits she wasn't exercising before so a lot of the results she got could have more to do with that. With the fear of atrophy I would warn her to reconsider using it again especially just weeks after she stopped. What takes 2 days to lose in muscle takes weeks to build back up.

Here is what I take from this and I am not an expert on dieting and I have not tried the corset routine is she ate less, she was more active and she exercised. So back to the facts in losing weight you have to burn more calories then you take in. Building muscle increases your metabolism and losing muscle slows it down. Once she stopped her corset experiment she went back to eating the way she use to and in 3 weeks she was back to the corset. Slow and steady wins the race on dieting. If you don't make serious lifestyle changes you will never get off the hamster wheel. So I appreciate that Danielle was so open about her experience I just think that promoting something like this is a lot like snake oil. I hope to see another article in 6 months and see if the weight is still off and how often she has had to go back to the corset.

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