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What To Wear To STLFW

What To Wear To STLFW or any special event

How excited are you St Louis? Fashion Week Calleres Emerging Designer fashion show is this Wednesday, Nov 4th and the amazing Iris Apfel is coming in for this! For this fashion enthusiast just being in the same room as Iris is exciting but if you haven't attended STLFW it really is an amazing show. So what to wear to Fashion Week, I think first we should go over my rules which work for any event.

My Rules

Don't pile on every designer piece you own, keep it to 2 and mix it with cheaper finds

Wear something you are comfortable in, confidence is always in style

Don't over think or over style your look, think Parisian Effortless Chic. I have no idea what I will wear tomorrow and I won't even start to think about it until an hour before I leave.

ALWAYS something undone, its part of the effortless chic look

Tossled natural hair, youre too busy to spend hours on your hair

Half tucked shirt

Pop the collar and push up the sleeves on a blazer

One cuff on your jeans slightly longer

No makeup but maybe a red lip or a smoky eye, you just threw it on but remember that tip we got from Audrey ALWAYS do your brows

If you never wear dresses then don't wear a dress. You can wear jeans look at Emmanuelle Alt, French Vogue Editor.

Keep trends to a minimum you are wanting to exude style not Fashion Victim. I love the French with their 'I don't follow fashion, fashion follows me' attitude. It's not true but it is chic

Dress for the weather and situation another cue from the Parisian woman. If it is cold wear warm clothes, if you will be on your feet and you will be on your feet wear shoes you can do that in. Here is a truth you look silly in the winter wearing a strapless mini dress and platform heels.

When in doubt wear a white button down shirt with a black lace bra, boyfriend jeans, a black blazer and black heels trust me everyone looks good in this.

Add a signature item something that fits your personality. A statement necklace, converse shoes, leather cuff or your favorite graphic tee but it has to be something you love not because it is the latest trend.

All black is always a good choice and a great canvas to build from.

Don't go out and buy something specifically for Fashion Week it never works out and you end up buying something that you never wear again because it is not your style. Show your style and shop your closet.

Do not wear something that does not fit you, always wear clothes that fit you. A style trick to make something cheap look expensive is to get it fitted for you it really isn't that expensive in fact when you are trying to decide between 2 LBD's pick the cheaper one so you can afford to get it fitted I promise you it is worth it.

Style is about more then fashion, it is how you walk into a room, a great smile and being comfortable with who you are so don't try to dress the way you think they want you to. If you don't typically wear makeup don't do it for any event let alone STLFW maybe add a natural lipstick, a little mascara, fill in your brows and a touch of color on your cheeks but keep it light and stay true to yourself. I think when we do this, and we have all done it, trying to be somebody else we end up selling ourselves short. The greatest thing about fashion is that there isn't a cookie cutter perfect look so we don't have to change the core of who we are in order to celebrate fashion.

For tickets to St Louis Fashion Week and complete schedule visit STLFW

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Great tips!
, 11/06/2015