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Why Do You Carry So Much Crap?

Ok Jess this is for you, so I am doing a post on the perfect bag for the busy mom, what size is appropriate and a little reality check in regards to how much you are carrying. This particular friend has 2 adorable boys that are busy with school, friends and sports so there is a lot of shuffling around and running out the door. Being a mom, although my daughter is no longer at the age of needing me to run her around she was a very active kid involved in several sports and other activities I can relate so I have a few things to go through first, how much is too much.

If you can't fit it all in your large tote bag you may be carrying too much and ultimately giving yourself too much stress.

The issue of changing bags only to realize you left your credit card in the other bag after filling your cart at the grocery store. Talk about frustrating especially since we all know grocery shopping especially with kids is not always a fun experience.

The chaos, the chaos of the crap you throw in your bag that gets lost in the bottom of the bag and now you have to dump everything out in a panic that you end up having to do more then once because you keep missing it.

I have a great solution to the 'I forgot my card in the other bag' problem. I went out and bought a leather pouch about 4 inches tall and 6 inches long that holds my wallet, keys, passport and other important paperwork or cards so when I switch bags I just have to transfer the pouch. I actually got it for the first trip I took with my husband, daughter and step kids to keep all of our travel documents together. It worked so well I decided to use it for my bags now I never, well almost never, have the grocery shopping and no card issue.

The bottles of water, snack foods or even first aid kit can easily be put into the kids baseball bag or duffle bag. It's not a bad idea to start them on preparing their own bag and stocking it with what they need not to mention it will save you from any chiropractic visits because your bag is too heavy! When Eilish was in sports I actually had a plastic milk crate that was next to her equipement that was stocked with water, snacks and other essentials that I throw in the trunk. The truth is we typically are over prepared and don't need half of the stuff we bring. If you have a great group of moms like I did when she played I also had a couple of plastic wine glasses, bottle of wine and bottle opener in the crate.

When I am traveling, going to a farmers market or flea market I have one of those amazing Longchamp totes that folds up so I can put it into my bag and pull it out if I need to. They come in several sizes and they look great!

Honestly anything larger then a Market Bag is too big and if you are filling it to epedemic proportions you are bringing too much. You really don't need to pack for the weekend and we live in a fairly modern world so if you don't have something it is easy to get so stop over preparing! Simplify your life, pared down what you have because the truth is it is causing you stress and you may not even realize it. Since I made a HUGE edit in my closet and bathroom I feel lighter, happier and less stressed because too much stuff, too many options is creating chaos in your life.

In My Bag:

Im not a huge makeup person so I really pared down my cosmetic bag


Rosebud Salve, its amazing lip balm, tame frizz, freshen up makeup, moisturize cuticles, moisturizer for skin.......

Evian water mist

A couple of band aids

A perfume tester pick them up at the fragrance counter or I get them with orders


Disposable toothbrush and floss I have a fetish about my teeth and breath

Sunglasses and case

Leather Pouch (You could use a clutch and if you go out after work you pull it out and leave the tote in the car)


Drivers Lic

Insurance Cards




Medicine that I need


Reading glasses

Either my day planner or a notebook. I typically always have a notebook.

One bottle of water

Kind Bar NEVER go shopping hungry and it keeps me from buying a candy bar.

Book or Magazine

Shopping List:

Large Wristlet for 55.00 from Fossil 

                                                                                    Longchamp Tote for 145.00 from Nordstrom

Sezane Leather Tote for 238.00 from Madewell  It's my favorite go to Tote with straps long enough to go over your shoulder and also comes with a crossbody strap. If you need something bigger you are carrying too much! If you take care of it, it will take care of you.

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Ha I've done the lost my keys in my bag and spent an hour looking for them in the abyss I call my purse. Very frustrating.
, 10/20/2015

Yes!!! I had to seriously adjust my bag situation because I was finding toys, huge bottles of vitamins, crushed snack packs, multiple empty water bottles and pretty sure there was a small person living in there! The crate in the car is a great idea to keep the sports stuff out of my bag but in hands reach. Thanks Carrie!!!
, 10/21/2015

So no gold fish dust for emergency snacking
, 10/21/2015