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Daily Tip: If You Can't Pronounce It Don't Wear It

Daily Tip: Learn How To Pronounce It Before Your Wear It

There is nothing worse than seeing a woman in a beautiful Givenchy dress that massacres the name. Why spend thousands of dollars on a dress and not take two seconds to learn how to pronounce the name properly? Nothing screams 'I don't belong in this dress' quite like pronouncing it as ja vin chi rather than zjee von shee. Simply having enough money to buy designer clothes will not make you a 'Style Icon' you need to live a life of style.  

Givenchy - zjee von shee

Miu Miu - mew mew

Moshino (almost no one in the midwest pronounces this right) - mos key no

Issey Miyake (one of my favorite summer perfumes) - is ee mee yah kee

Proenza Schouler - pro en zuh skool er

For more an how to pronounce designer names read this ariticle from UK Harpers Bazaar

It's ok if you don't know how to pronounce all of designers names, no one knows everything. The shame is in not educating yourself.

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