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How To Be That Girl

What You Need If You Are Wanting To Be A Style Star

Lets face it we all in some way want to be that girl, the one that always looks cool without even trying. Here's the truth, she cares. So how does she always seem so perfectly undone for that we need to take a cue from our Parisian counterparts. The goal is effortless with an air of 'I don't care' what you think of me and it can be done, you can master this all you need is a few key pieces in your closet and you have to break the dress code. She has no desire to be on page 6 or to be photographed with the right people at the right party in the right dress. Truth is she most likely does but she would never let you know.

The Dress Code:

Wear heels with jeans and sneakers with evening gowns.

Show up to a formal evening in a men's white button down, boyfriend jeans and black pointy toed heels. Add a Breakfast at Tiffany's crystal statement necklace to dress it up.

Look like you only spent 20 minutes getting ready although it may have taken an hour to get the perfectly undone sexy hair and another hour on skincare, masks to get a healthy glow.

You don't follow trends or wear head to toe designer clothes, you mix classics with a trend and mix designer items with cheap finds. You are not a slave to fashion.

You NEVER wear logo's.

You break the rules including your own because it's fun and cool.

Wear what you feel comfortable in, not what you think you should wear.

Something undone, never look perfectly done it looks like you are trying too hard.

Every Style Star has a few items in her closet even though a few of these are trending right now she wears them even when they are not on trend.

The Tuxedo

For a formal event a Tuxedo is the perfect option proven by celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Bianca Jagger. It is cool, sexy and will definitely make you stand out in the sea of evening gowns

Any color will work but a black or white tuxedo will be easier to wear for years and you can easily break it up to create different looks.

For the brave wear it without a shirt.

Black Leather Biker Jacket

Wear it with floral dress to give it a little edge.

Dress up a basic white t-shirt and jeans.

Really wear it with anything and everything even layer it under your wool coat.

Chelsea Boot

Yes it is having its moment today but this is a staple that just happens to be on trend this season.

Wear it with a midi skirt and your biker jacket for that cool downtown urban look.

Wear with a pair of jeans but roll them so they show a little ankle.

A Men's White Button Down Shirt

Steal your boyfriend or husbands shirt.

Sharon Stone wore her husbands white shirt with a satan ball length skirt on the red carpet at the Oscar's stunning the fashion world.

It's versatile from pairing with a pair of jeans to using it as a cover up at the beach or live out your inner Holly Golightly and wear it as a sleep shirt/lounge wear.

Wear a black lace bra under it that when you lean in is open just enough to 'accidently' show some of the bra of course you can see a black bra through a white shirt.

Oversized Cashmere V-Neck Sweater

One good quality cashmere sweater is the only sweater you need.

Black or Grey will work.

You want it to fall off your shoulder at the right moment.

Tuck it into a black pencil skirt for a more sophisticated look.

Layer it over your white button down shirt with your black biker jacket.

Pencil Skirt

Higher waisted and it should hit just below your knee with a back vent.

If your lifestlye involves needing a career wardrobe get a black pencil skirt in wool. If your lifestyle is more creative or casual you can look into other options from lace to jersey.

Wear it with a black button down shirt, black pumps, an evening bag and a red lip to a cocktail party or date night look.

Wear it with a t-shirt and sneakers for a day look, add your biker jacket for fall.


Not running shoes but a classic sneaker like Converse, Puma or Common Projects in white or navy.

Wear them with khakis, skirts or dresses but not jeans. For jeans wear heels or loafers because this is also about breaking rules and being rebellious.

Perfect Pumps

Pointy toed in leather or suede in a heel you can walk in.

Black or Nude is what you need but you can add every color especially red.

Invest in this shoe because you will get a lot of use out of it and you need it to be comfortable. I find going up a half size with pointy toed shoes is more comfortable.

Do NOT get platforms they are not sexy, elegant or sophisticated just clunky.

White T-Shirt or 5

It needs to feel good and fit well so if you find one that you love stock up on them.

Some people love the standard mens Hanes T-shirt they look great tucked in with the sleeve rolled up. I also love James Perse and Everlane for a great fitted shirt that doesn't need to be tucked in.

Buy several sizes for different fits and looks.

Wear it with jeans, pencil skirt or a satan ball length skirt for that 'I don't try too hard' look.

White Jeans

Wear them all year round because that rule is stupid.

Look for a relaxed fit and cuff them so you see your ankle even in the winter

Pair with a navy sweater and your navy converse shoes.

Add your white button down and chelsea boots.

White t-shirt, navy blazer and navy converse for the perfect Parisian look.


Whatever shape works best for you but keep it classic not trendy.

Black or Navy, even better both.

Graphic t-shirt, higher waisted relax fit pants, converse and your blazer.

If you are brave and it is fitted wear it as a shirt with skinny jeans and your perfect pumps.

Vintage Graphic T-Shirt

Faded and broken in, you know when it is really soft perferably a rock shirt. Look at ebay for an already broken in shirt, new won't work.

Wear it with a sequined skirt, converse and denim jacket.

Add it to your plaid paper bag pants and some brogues for a retro 90's look.

Think outside the box and add a crystal statement necklace with leather pants and your Chelsea boots.


Everyone can wear a hat it just takes a little attitude and confidence because people are going to look at you but they are looking because they wish they could wear one. Added bonus is it hides a bad hair day and keeps the damaging sun rays off your face saving you from premature wrinkles.

Play with how you wear it whether it is forward or further back and tilt it slightly to one side because we don't have perfectly symetrical faces and it gives a little more attitude to it.

NEVER wear sunglasses with your hat.

For summer a straw Panama hat is perfect.

Depending on your style a wool hat in a fedora, wide brimmed, rancher or boho floppy hat will work.

Classic Tan Trench Coat

Whether it is for work, date night or running errands this is the perfect coat but stay away from trendier versions think Burberry. The Parisian woman loves this so much that she states it can be worn with nothing else.

Should be knee length and well fitted.

Wear it over your shoulders for that fashion editor look.

Wear it with jeans and a white tee with your Chelsea boots.

Layer it over your v-neck sweater, biker jacket, jeans and your Chelsea boots.


Sunglasses will save you from premature cataract surgery and stop those horrible crows feet you get from squinting but they also add instant glamour.

Stick with classic shapes:




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