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Diet Rules I Live By

I just want to remind you diets don't work. There is no magic pill even if they claim Dr Oz said this was a miracle pill. even if they say Jennifer Aniston has used it for year. Remember the old saying "sounds too good to be true it is too good to be true". The truth is you have to make lifestyle changes. You have to make healthy changes not fad diets. The goal is too be healthy to feel better and if you do this eventually you will lose the weight too.

Refined Sugar it will actually age you. It has zero nutritional value. Peanut butter, cereal and fat free items tend too have a lot of refined sugar so read the labels.

Sugar Substitutes they are full of toxic chemicals that can cause cancer and studies show it increases your appetite. You can use organic local honey and stevia but make sure the stevia is pure stevia extract and not a mix of chemical sweeteners. For baking you can use palm sugar.

Preservatives are full of chemicals that can be toxic. Typically no nutritional value or very little. Be wary of packaging that says it is all natural because typically they are decieving you. Some "natural" ingredients when mixed together can become toxic preservatives. My rule is if it has a shelf life it has preservatives after all that is what preservatives do extend a products shelf life.

Fast food any fast food including the subway diet. Besides the high fat, high cholesterol, high in sugar, high in salt and having little to no nutritional value. They use cheap cuts of meat and are full of toxic chemicals.

Diet soda can actually make you eat more food. It can increase your insulin levels the same as refined sugar. It is full of toxic chemicals that can age you, give you cancer and dehydrate you. And to beat a dead horse has NO nutritional value. Drink water.

Limit gluten but if you have stomach/digestive problems, inflammatory issues or migraines remove it completely because gluten can agrivate those health conditions. Gluten can cause stomach bloat so limiting it can make you feel thinner. Some studies show that it can take up to 1 year to get the gluten out of your body and again typically items with gluten have no nutritional value.

Stay away for empty snacks including gluten free snacks. They have nutritional value and are high in empty calories

High fat meat stick with lean meats, fish and poultry

Refined carbs like pasta, bread and snack foods. Again NO nutritional value and loaded with belly bloating gluten

White Rice go for brown or wild rice they have a higher nutritional value

Fat free yogurt (typically fat is replaced with refined sugar) go for certified organic low fat greek yogurt preferably plain with fruit. The greek yogurt has higher nutritional value as well as it is a great source of protien so it will make you feel fuller longer.

Fat free anything typically fat free products are loaded with refined sugar

#1 Rule of a sucessful diet is simple ask yourself does this have nutritional value? What will this food do for me? Why am I eating this? Do I really need this? Will it make me feel better about myself? And if you have to have ice cream then go for it just dont binge eat. I dont keep that food in the house brcause I have no will power so if I have to have it I run down and get a kids size ice cream but maybe you are better then me however I have to be honest with myself and set myself up to succeed.

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