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A Cup Of Cherries A Day Keeps The Botox Away
Cherries tart and sweet needed to be added to your diet.  They are a power house from anti aging to combating cancer all while being absolutely delicious making it an easy addition to your diet.  You have a few options in adding sweet and tart cherries to your diet from the eating them to drinking tart cherry juice.  I first heard about tart cherry juice from my 90 yr old grandmother who started drinking tart cherry juice a while back and swears she has less pain. If you knew my grandmother you would know typically she doesn't believe in anything other than medication actually works so the fact that she says it works carry's a lot of weight.

Nutritional Benefits: 
?High in antioxidants. When it comes to sweet cherries the darker the color the better.
?Vitamin C
?Potassium- one cup of sweet cherries has much potassium as a banana
?Good source of Melanin
?Beta carotene giving you than warm glow
                                                ? Anthocyanin cyanidis

What are the Benefits:

?Fight signs of aging

?Fight genetic mutations that cause cancer

?Slow down the progression of cancer

?Keep your weight down by increasing fat burning in your body. This is from a study in which they fed rats a high fat diet and the group that was also fed cherry powder gained less weight. I wouldn't bank on it though.

?Fight muscle soreness 

?Anti inflammatory

?Better nights sleep

?Balance blood pressure

Ways To Add Cherries To Your Diet:

?Tart Cherry Juice is an easy way to add to your diet in fact this is how my grandmother has added it one in the morning and one in the evening. Make sure you are drinking tart cherry juice concentrate no other ingredients added.

?Italian Soda because it can be a little much straight.  Cut it with sparkling water play with the proportions to suit your taste.

?Replace the liquid in your favorite smoothie with tart cherry juice

?Sweet or Tart Cherry Smoothie if you are doing the tart cherry juice than this is a great way to add sweet cherries

?Cherry Apple Smoothie

?1 cup frozen pitted cherries
?1 apple

                                        ?2 cups of spinach
                                        ?1/2 cup water
                                        ?1 vanilla bean

?Dried Cherries be cautious with how much you eat because the sugar level is quite high when they are dried and the for optimal results you are better with fresh or frozen cherries or the cherry juice. 

?Sprinkle dried cherries on your favorite salad.  They add great flavor to an otherwise boring salad allowing you to need less dressing

?Add to a homemade trail mix this is my favorite mix that is full of foods that will keep your skin healthy, firm and glowing

?Raw, salt free nuts
?Brazil Nuts
?Pine Nuts
?Toasted Coconut Flakes
?Dried Cherries
?Dark Chocolate Chunks/Chips

?Add to Quinoa I love quinoa I tend to just throw something together out of what I have in the fridge and pantry

?Add to your Oatmeal

Tip: Pick sweet cherries that are a darker red, they have more antioxidants. 

**If you are under the care of a doctor you should always consult before you make any changes.  I do not nor would I ever recommend not taking medication.  Use diet as a 'booster' to the medication your doctor has prescribed for better results

I am not a nutritionist nor am I medical professional I do research from several sources as well as personal experience.

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