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Is Sugar Aging Us?

Sugar is Toxic

We have all heard lately that refined sugar and high fructose syrup are bad for us, some stating that high fructose is worse then cane or beet sugar. For the record both are bad whether one is a little worse then the other is neither here not there. Refined Sugar is killing us, all types or sugar. Dr Price, a dds, saw "primitive" civalizations had little to no tooth decay and were in good health but when sugar was introduced he saw a physical degeneration in a way that was noticable.

Refined sugar changes the way your body behaves. Excess refined sugar raises the hormone grehlin which keeps you hungry. Excess daily refined suger depletes your body of vitamins and minerals and eventuallly your body will steal calcium from teeth and bones. A study at Utah University added 25% of refined sugar to the diet of mice (equivalant to 3 cans of pop) their study showed the the female mice produced less babies and were twice as likey to die. The male mice had lower reproduction and were not as territorial as those that did not have the extra sugar. Sugar actually creates fat around your liver. When your liver has too much glucose and it can not metabolize the glucose it releases it into the blood as fatty acids. It is distributed to your heart and kidney as it passes it moves slower and turns into fat.

Damage from Sugar

Sugar speeds up the aging process

Sugar makes you hungry

Sugar causes teeth decay

Sugar is the leading cause of obseisity

Sugar makes you tired

Sugar is an addiction - Think sugar junkie, sugar does increase the pleasure sensory in your brain and you want more

Sugar can increase depression

Removing Sugar from your diet can cure symptoms of diabetes, cancer and heart illness. Now I know how hard it is to stay from sugar as I just ate a piece of cake before I wrote this. And I am not saying NEVER have sugar again as well that thought process brought me to breaking down and eat that cake. You just cant have it daily and you can't binge on it when you do have it. I find the best way to control my sugar intake is I simply don't have a lot in the house. If I need ice cream I go and get a scoop of ice cream. And think about how that cake or quart of ice cream out of the tub makes you feel. I instantly feel lazy, tired and uncomfortable. Try it. Lets do it together, 30 days with out refined sugar with me and at the end of the 30 days lets see how we feel. What do we have to lose other than weight, depression, tiredness and an overall unhealthy feeling?

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Since removing sugar and all processed foods from my diet, I have lost 15 pounds, I am happier, my skin looks better, and I am able to start walking again without fatigue or joint pain.
, 04/21/2015

*** Reply To: , 04/21/2015
I wish I had your will power but I have drastically cut down my sugar intake. Luckily I never did drink pop not even diet. What is your secret?
Carrie Licata , 04/24/2015