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Caprice Chicken

Chicken Caprice

This falls into the Parisian Lifestyle Makeover in two ways, mindful eating and making a meal with passion to honor yourself, your family. It is extremely healthy, low in calories and the presentation is beautiful but it is also a quick, easy meal that anyone can make. Using fresh ingredients is key and it has a nice fresh, clean taste that even picky eaters will like. Take care in the layering of the 'caprice' because this is all about presentation. From begining to end this dish can be made in under 30 minutes.


Boneless, skinless chicken breasts that have been patted dry in between paper towels to remove any water

Kosher salt & fresh ground pepper to taste, I have a small bowl premixed at the side of my stove

Olive oil, just enough to saute. Remember when oil heats it expands so don't over do it


Fresh whole basil leaves

Fresh mozerella sliced thin

Ripe thinly sliced tomato, in the summer I prefer the heirloom tomatoes

Balsamic glaze, you can make it by reduding balsamic vinegar or you can buy a glaze either one is fine


Using a rolling pin or tenderizer flatten the chicken breasts

Heat the oil on high in a large enough saut? pan so the chicken isn't over crowded until it is smoking

Put the chicken in the pan, sprinkle with the kosher salt and fresh ground pepper and saut? on high heat

You want the chicken to have a nice golden brown crust but be careful to not over cook the chicken. How long depends on the thickness of the chicken breasts

Remove from the pan and put them on a serving dish to be layered. Start with a slice of the fresh mozzarella, a basil leaf, tomato and then another layer. Drizzle the balsamic glaze over the Chicken Caprice vertically than slightly rotate the plate and drizzle more of the glaze to create a diamond shape.

This is a nice light meal with a fresh flavor so keep that in mind when you are choosing side dishes however if you are looking to keep the calories down as I usually am it really is fine on it's own. With the tomato and cheese on top it really is enough but my husband likes to add some fresh steamed rice to round it off.

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