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Essential Wardrobe Pieces You Need By 30

It is amazing how much we change from 20 to 30 and at 44 it's like a lifetime ago.  By the time you are 30 it's time to let go of your 20's especially the clothes.  At 30 you are becoming more serious about your career, relationships and planning for the future.  Drinking all night on a Wednesday at your favorite local pub at 20 and getting 4 hours of sleep didn't seem to cause any issues at work in fact you were probably already planning another binge night of drinking on Thursday. A hang over could be cured with a greasy cheese burger and a coke at 30 it takes a few days to recoup from a night of drinking. It's time to change what you wear, where you shop and evaluate what image you want to convey in what you wear.

By 30 you need a good wardrobe but that doesn't mean you need a closet full of designer clothes it's more about what you have not how much it cost.  The Capsule Wardrobe is exactly what you need or should be working on.  Take my advice as I have learned from personal experience trends are not worth the money and don't buy something because it was a great sale. Of course, if you are at a loss on what to wear you can look to a mentor, someone that has the job you want or celebrity that has impeccable taste (make sure your mentor is age appropriate and has a similar build to you).  Know your lifestyle to make sure you are picking up items that fit your life whether it is more casual or more formal as far as what you need for a Capsule Wardrobe the items and concept will be the same what will vary is the cut and fabric. There are a few things by 30 you need in your wardrobe.

Wardrobe Essentials:

By 30 you need a solid, basic wardrobe (Capsule Wardrobe) in neutral colors and if you are like most of us and on a budget building your wardrobe with separates that can be mixed and matched will give you the illusion of having more.

?Classic  Belted Trench Coat stay away from trendier versions they just don't have the same impact that the classic does. A Parisian woman will not live without a one and would wear it out with nothing underneath because a good trench coat is all you need.

?LBD Cocktail Dress or if a dress isn't your thing go for a black suit but have the jacket fitted and wear it without a shirt for a sexier look. My favorite LBD, I have many from casual to formal, is my Kate Spade silk fit and flare dress that is beautifully lined with pink silk and on seam pockets.  I love pockets they eliminate the 'what should I do with my hands dilemma'.

?A Formal Dress something timeless that will be wearable for years to come, a black strapless full length dress is always a good option.  A long formal ball gown skirt is another great option and you can add a tank top or a fisherman sweater and wear it in a more casual setting or a white button down shirt with a statement necklace for your 'red carpet' moment. 

?A good quality black Lady Like Bag, think Grace Kelly.  My husband bought me this great Brahmin bag a few years ago for Christmas and I love it. You can wear it for anything from casual to work to formal events and I do love the retro feel.

?White Button Down Shirt get 2, 3 or 5 in several sizes.  There is nothing better than a white button down with jeans.  I also like to have one that is one size too big and another 2 sizes too big.  Think Pulp Fiction, the scene were Uma and John Travolta are doing the dance contest the oversized shirt with black cigarette pants, iconic. The over, over sized shirt is great for a bathing suit cover up or as a night shirt.  When I find one I like I buy a couple especially if they are on sale.

?Black Pointy Toed Heels either patent leather or matte will work and like all of the 'essential' pieces they should be the best quality you can afford.  Since this is a classic look you can find them in end of season sales but stay clear of platforms.  Platforms look cheap, typically make you look like a football player in heels when you walk and they do not an elegant line.

?Cashmere, you need a cashmere sweater and this is another item you can buy at an end of season sale.  A black v-neck good quality cashmere sweater is the best option but stay away from cheaper cashmere sweaters they never seem to make after just one wash.  Invest in a great sweater and as the Parisian woman will tell you it is better to have one cashmere sweater than 10 sweaters in every color.

?Silk Scarves in all sizes and in colors that look good on you.  Pink can help on those days you are tired or hung over just hold a few shades up to your face and see what works best for you.  A scarf can hide a bad hair day while looking glamorous and chic whether you want to channel Grace, Jackie O or Bridget Bardot. A large square scarf can double as a kimono or even a beach towel (maybe not in silk) just throw it in your tote bag before you head out.

?A Signature Look. I love contradictions and having a little edge so I will wear masculine pieces with very feminine looks or something rock n roll with a more preppy look. It is better to whisper your signature look and keep it sophisticated.

Always buy the best quality you can afford whether you can afford high end designer pieces, need to shop sample sales, end of season sales or consignment shops.  A Style Icon does not need to have an over flowing closet instead she has key pieces that look great on her.  She doesn't follow fashion, she knows what looks good on her and isn't swayed by trends.

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Omg I just saw this women wearing her 20's wardrobe at 40! 40!?!
, 08/28/2015