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Vive La France

Vive La France

As we watch in horror as the details unfold on the terrorist attacks on city of lights I know we are all with the French in spirit, sending nothing but love and support. We can understand how just how devastating this is after living through 9/11. Isis did this to make us scared to leave our homes to give up our lifestyle out of fear but as I watched CNN this morning it is evident the French will not let them win. They will not stay home in fear of Isis, they will gather in these high risk areas and get their coffee in pure defiance sending a message that you will not win, I will not live in fear. The French are notorious for being rebellious and not liking being told what they should do. Bravo, Paris for your strength and fighting spirit.

By going out and going to these high risk areas they are sending a clear message to Isis, we will never live in fear of you. They are choosing to live their lives inspite of these extremist and by doing that they are beating Isis. Yes lives were lost, yes there is an active cell in Paris and yes there could be another attack but if they stay home, if they give up their lifestyle Isis will have won. Those lives would have been lost in vain instead they are honoring them by standing up and refusing to stay in their homes even after their President has urged them to stay away from these areas. What Isis is trying to do is make us live in fear, that is how they will win.

I have to tell you I am in awe of their resolve, their defiance and decission that they would rather die then cower in their homes. We need to realize that if we allow these terrorist to change our lifestyle, to take away our freedom we will be allowing them to win. Obviously we are all afraid of what this means as well as we should be but if we hide in our homes we will be making Isis stronger. They will be able to say, look how powerful we are, look at how we are controling them and I will not live like that. I will not let these terrorist control my life or make me change how I live and will not give them that power. I know those Parisian's that defied Isis today were scared after all it was terrorfying but they choose to take a stand, Vive La France!

God bless you and know we are all thinking about you

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