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Daily Tip Be Grateful

Daily Tip: Be Grateful

We spend so much energy on what we don't have or worrying about things that we can't control we forget what we have. Get a journal to put on your nightstand and every night before you go to bed write 3 things you are grateful for in your life. This journal can only have positive statements so no venting. Eventually, you will notice a change in the way your view life and you may find you sleep better. I do not like to discuss anything negative in my bedroom this is my sanctuary a place that I have dreams of beautiful places I want to go to. If my husband needs to talk to me about something that would even remotely disrupt the balance of our sanctuary it needs to wait until tomorrow, barring an emergency it can probably wait. If you spend more time on the positive things, writing them down and reflecting on them eventually you will find you are a little happier then you were before you stated this journey and if you have kids they will be learning how to take back their happiness too.

Examples of things to be grateful for: It doesn't matter how big or small it is, if it gave you some joy whether it lasted for days or only a few seconds it is something to be grateful for. You are surrounded by things to be grateful for, you just need to look for them.

Having a place to sleep and a bed to sleep on

Your kids

Your spouse

The man that saw you struggling trying to get the door open and he opened it for you

Knowing when your next meal is coming from

The luxury to go on vacation

Your health, your kids health and your parents health

Maybe a dinner that was really good

A movie you watched that made you laugh

Having a job and a paycheck

The person that found your keys in the parking lot and found you or turned them into the customer service desk

No matter how big or how small if it made your life easier, made you laugh or gave you comfort it is something to be grateful

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So True!!
, 09/09/2015