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How To Make Ironing Chic
Living a chic life, sounds like a ridiculous concept as I sit her in my home in the middle of the Midwest but you need to take these 'concepts' and adapt them to your life.  I don't have a private jet that can whisk me away to NYC for brunch as I drink mimosa's. How can I live a chic life when my days are typically filled with mundane tasks? Perception, perception is how we can take the everyday life we live and make it chic.  It is about making something as simple as doing laundry and instead of dreading it you become present in that moment and you take care in what you are doing.

It sounds crazy but try it, while you are ironing think about the fabric, the color and the way you are creating a crease.  Don't let your mind wander off to someplace you would rather be and just going through the motions. Use a linen spray to give the ironing a personal touch, something that you do out of love and care.  What part of that isn't chic? Instead of just mindlessly ironing do it with purpose by putting together a complete outfit.  I will do this for my husband sometimes, I really need to get back to doing that, putting together a complete look for everyday of the week.  Now you aren't just ironing you are putting thought into the task, you are mindfully taking time and doing the little touches that only you can do.

Live a chic life by putting extra care into what you do. When you clean the bathroom arrange the items on your counter in a more chic way.  Place a towel that goes with your style perfectly folded on the rack or on the counter because these little details are what defines chic.  Little things like the way you cut and arrange the strawberries for your cheese cake or mindfully plating dinner is chic. These small details are what sets you apart from other people it is what defines you as chic or elegant.  Instead of dreading your daily tasks do them with intention and add your personal touches after all to be chic you must live in a chic home.  It doesn't not mean you need new furniture or a better house it is about the touches you put on your mundane tasks, that is chic.

Life is messy, I am painfully aware of this and I get it, it isn't chic when you burn dinner.  Instead of going crazy or slip into panic mode try to save what you can or grab some peppers, onions, garlic and other ingredients calmly without thinking about the dinner you just ruined. Grab a glass of wine turn on some music and make some pasta or better yet a risotto with ingredients in the fridge maybe add some of the leftover chicken from last night.  Although it is not as grand as hoping on a plane it is still chic.  It is about how you handle these messes because they happen and not just to you.  The chic part is well simple you don't let yourself be derailed by a burnt roast.  You take a disaster and create something chic by being ingenious, calm and positive. If you are present in your life, in the moment it becomes easier to see solutions.

All of this is what makes up style because style is about who you are and how you live.  If you went to a dinner party and this happened to the hostess and she didn't miss a beat she just found a solution and made some risotto I guarantee you won't remember the burnt roast.  You will be mesmerized by the chic way she just shrugged her shoulder's in a cest la vie manner and made something else all with a smile on her face. In the grand scheme of life as far as disasters go burning a roast is a silly thing to get overly upset about.  Perfection is not chic if she made a dinner and didn't burn the roast she wouldn't be quite as remarkable. The way you handle the disasters is what makes you chic, elegant and stylish.

I have intentionally highlighted some words that seem to keep coming up as I write and practice my Parisian Lifestyle Makeover.  They are great words, ideas that are small but have such a great impact on our lives that can be plugged into everything we do. 

Be Present in life, in every task and every moment. This is the key to everything.

Positive, be positive even in a disaster because life has a way of getting better you just need to be present and believe that it will.  It's about finding solutions not identifying the problem.

Smile did you know that even if you are faking a smile your brain will release chemicals and could actually make you happy?

Be mindful in everything you do. Simply think about what you are doing be present and make better choices.  Do things like ironing or cutting onions for dinner with thought and care.

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