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How To Wear Overalls In Your 30's and 40's

When you are over 35 it becomes harder to wear trends. The issue with trends is they tend to be too young and when you are 40 dressing like a 20 something ends up making you look older. But there are ways you can wear trends in a more mature way that will make you look fashion forward.

In your 30s take a style que from Alexa Chung and throw a trench of your shoulders. Keep the your hair and make up simple and classic. Wear them with ballet flats or your favorite heels. 30's Look for a pair of overalls that are more fitted. Skip the Cochella look opt for a sweater,

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40's Look for overalls that are either a dark rinse or black and look for well fitted pair. You don't want the overalls of your youth. Go for a pair of bootleg overalls to help balance out the emphasis they put on your hips. Keep your top, shoes and accessories feminine and grown up. Do not wear sneakers or mens inspirted oxfords opt for a pair of stillettos.

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