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What Should You Wear To Your Next Interview

The way you dress for an interview can make you or break you. That first impression is extremely important whether you are interviewing for an entry level job or upper management. I believe you should wear a pant suit or a skirt suit even if it is for an entry level position. It will set you apart from the other applicants and leave a lasting impression.

Rules for Dressing For an Interview

Keep your suit in a neutral Black, Charcoal, Navy or Camel.

Have your suit tailored or what they will notice is how your suit didn't fit.

I prefer a collared shirt for the interview also in a neutral color. I would do white or black. Make sure it fits well and the buttons don't pull. No low cut shrits or too many buttons undone. If you use color make sure it is not bold. A light pink is always flattering especially if you are feeling a little tired. You can also opt for silk shirt, crewneck sweater or a shell.

Keep jewelry small and classic. You don't want to wear anything that will distract the intreviewer. No statement jewelry

Simple pair of black heels sling back, pointy toed or round toed. No platforms, wedges, sandals, open toed or bright colored shoes and please practice how to walk in them so you don't look like a football player in heels.

If you know you or even think the company you are interviewing with is ultra conservative wear hoisery if you opt for a skirt suit.

If you have belt loops wear a belt I know you don't have to in the eyes of fashion but this is not a fashion show its a job interview. Go with a skinny black belt that is in good shape every detail counts.

Skip the nail art go for natural, clear or a nude color. Remove the fake nails, skip the pointy nail and trim your nails so they cover the pad of your finger.

Keep makeup natural and minimal. No cat eye liner, smoky eye or teal eye shadow stay with browns, peaches and brown pinks. You want to look pulled together but not flashy too much makeup can be distracting and you don't want to walk out and have the interviewer talk about your makeup. Think minimalist.

I would skip perfume.

It is important that the interviewer remember you and that the they get to know you which I can see it sounds as if I am asking you to hide who you are but in reality is I am asking you to showcase you not your fashion sense. You only have 15 to 30 minutes so you can't afford to distract them from who you are and how perfect you are for the position.

Additional Items Needed for an interview

A black bag that is structured and well made. That does not mean it needs to be a designer bag. I prefer a bag large enough to hold a folder with a copy of my resume, planner and note pad.

Invest in a black portfolio that holds your resume and a legal pad. A good pen that is in black ink and does not have advertising or is in a childish/loud color. It is these little things that says you pay attention to details, organized, proffessional and serious.

If you have buisness cards you should keep them in a buisness card holder. These little details are important.

To get the most out of interview suits to get you through 1st, 2nd or 3rd interviews I would purchase a blazer, a pencil skirt, pants and a sheath/shift dress. I have 3 of these suit combonations in black, camel and charcoal. They can be mixed and matched to create countless different options. I have been successful in being able to update or buy a new pair of pants without having to buy an entire new suit by purchasing these items at JCrew. It has been easy to match the colors this way.

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