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Hands Down Best At Home Hair Color

I have been dying my own hair for years and it hasn't always gone well. Luckily I can ride out my mistakes and not let it ruin my month but I do realize it can be extremely upsetting for women. My hair is red and typically with in a couple of weeks it fades and starts to look orange, not a good look. I have tried everything from drug stores to beauty stores and the result is always the same. I was at my mom's house a month or 2 ago and she was talking about going back to dying her own hair again. She ordered from I never did get back to her on whether she liked it but I did order from esalon and tried it beginning of August. Well I am 4 weeks in and honestly no orange. I am extremely pleased and the cost was reasonable and much cheaper then the salon. It covered all of my gray and whatever fading happened is not noticable. I got an email from them as they are getting ready to auto ship my next color asking if I needed any tweaking to the color and for the first time in years I don't. So if you do your own hair color or are thinking about it I highly recommend using

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