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Promising New Ingredients For Your Best Hair Ever
The new "it" ingredient is for your hair and you are seeing it being listed as a key ingredient in many products from high end lines to cheaper drug store products (sea kelp is not cheap so I doubt the quality and amount are worth it in the drug store brands).  I have decided over the past year to not buy every expensive "it" product that comes out but that doesn't mean I can't get the benefits of these ingredients.  I purchase the ingredients to ensure they are the best quality and I can control both what I use and my cost.

Sea Kelp (Brown Algae) for Hair

Hair Benefits
Possibly make your hair grow faster but you have to eat it, yuck
Adds shine to your hair
Thickens hair
Repair Damaged Hair
Rich in Iron
Amino Acids
Vit A
Vit K

How to Use for Hair
Add to your favorite shampoo this way you can control the quality of the sea kelp.
Add to your favorite conditioner
Create a hair mask with Shea Butter, Argan Oil and Sea Kelp
Add to your favorite or DIY ( there is a DIY Beach Hair Spray under hair) Beach Hair Spray for more texture 
Add to your favorite gel or mouse

Vegetable Glycerin for Hair

Natural Humectrant - draws in moisture
Anti Inflammatory good for eczema or other scalp issues
Add Shine to your hair

How to Use for Hair
Diy leave in conditioner - can be as simple as 1 TBS of your conditioner 6 oz of Distilled Water and 2 ot 3 oz of Vegetable Glycerin
Add to Gel/Mouse apply to damp hair
DIY Finishing Oil I like Pomegranate Oil and Vegetable Glycerin i just mix it in my hand

These ingredients are amazing but here is my belief in order for a company to make money they have to find a way to keep cost down, increase shelf life and pay for the marketing so why not cut the middle man out? I buy them in small amounts and store them in cool dark place, fridge works to keep them stable.  Since I am not heating them to emulsify them or adding chemicals to increase its shelf life I am getting the best out of these ingredients and most important thing is I can still afford to eat.

Hint: When buying these ingredients you are looking for what the ingredients are on the label if it is mixed with other stuff you loose control of quality, cold pressed heat kills what makes these ingredients so amazing. 

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