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False Claims and Pricey Products

I am still keeping up with my DIY skincare routine and I am very happy with the results still. My skin is smoother, brighter and more radiant so I know it is working but without the price of highend skincare products. It wasn't just price that got me into this but the ability to control the quality of the ingredients as well as stay away from the chemicals and preservatives.

I see they are really pushing Hyaluronic Acid as the 'it' key ingredient. For more details on Hyaluronic Acid read my blog post from 2/24/2015 READ

My Favorite Essential Oils for PM: this is my 'base' and I will add different oils for my specific needs.

Rosehip Seed Oil READ

Carrot Seed Oil mixed with Rosehip Seed Oil will brighten your skin and promote skin cell turnover. For more information READ  from Organic Facts

Sweat Almond Oil READ  ot Apricot Seed Oil READ from Style Craze

A couple drops of Frankincense Essential Oil READ

This combonation of essential oils is perfect for night when your skin is repairing itself. All of these oils promote cell turnover which as we age we need help with. To be honest I do use Retin A every night in the prescription form. I apply the Retin A after washing my face and make sure my skin is dry first. I've been using Retin A since my early 30's which is the perfect age to start Retin A products

My Favorite Essential Oils for AM as with my PM this is only a base and I will add different ingredients depending on what I need

First I apply a Vitamin C oil on clean dry skin. Flavo C 15% is by far my favorite

Pomegranite Oil it isn't greasy and absorbs easily not to mention the benefits READ

A couple of drops of Cypress Oil to firm skin and tighten pores READ

Raspbery Seed Oil Anti Oxidants Vit A make this a great addition to your morning skincare routine READ from Natural Beauty Workshop

Apply Vit C serum first than you can either premix the essential oils or just mix it in your hand and let your skin drink it up before applying makeup. Occasionally I find I may have put too much on so after 15 minutes I will wipe off the excess before doing makeup.

I have just recently added DMAE to AM and PM but I haven't used it long enough to really suggest or recommend it READ  It is another 'key' ingredient listed by highend skincare companies with a steep price point but like all the essential oils I listed it can be found at Amazon or Whole Foods very reasonably priced

Hyaluronic Acid although it will most likely (never say never but I am fairly confident that this will not have any lasting effects) not reverse or prevent signs of aging I do use it and am happy with the results although fleeting. I only use when I am going out whether to run errands or for a date night (really anytime someone might see me) and it does soften the appearance of wrinkles temporarily. Just pat into the areas you need it after you apply your essential oils. You can even reapply over makeup the key is to pat it into the wrinkles. Since this will draw in moisture and plump your skin I would avoid the eye area.

If you really want results you have to eat food that will support your skin. You need to take the time to pamper yourself with weekly masks and treatments. DIY masks that are better than anything being sold at a retailer.

I am constantly adding new oils or changing ratio of the mix to find what works better for my skin. You will find as your skin improves, you are under more stress or just going through another change you will need to readjust your routine. Always make sure you buy quality products, reasearch them to see if they need to be mixed before they go on and store them in a cool dry area. I store everything in my fridge.

After your shower when your skin is still damp apply Apricot Seed Oil  By applying when your skin is damp the oil will be absorbed quicker and it will work better.

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