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8 Weeks in & Not Only is My Skin Better but I Have More Money

Again the things I do for this blog another no makeup shoot YIKES. As you know I have been researching and trying different essential oils and DIY masks for probably 8 weeks now. I am 43 so I don't look 20 and I am ok with that but I have over the years been doing everything I can to slow the aging process down. The issue is the cost, its expensive to buy products that work a few years ago I got hooked on NUDE Progenisis oil and it is an amazing product but at 98.00 its well killing my wallet. That wasn't the only product I used and it adds up fast. Now every product I put on my face from oils to moisturizer to facials I make myself. As I have added new oils or ingredients I have also written about it them so you can follow under the menu Beauty catagoies aging and skincare with this i have also increased my water intake as well as making sure I get a lot of antioxidants.

ROSEHIP SEED OIL This was my first oil and it is a great place for you to start just remember it needs to be kept in the fridge. Can be used in the eye area. Sweeps away dead skin, brightens skin tone and gives you a radiant youthful glow.

CARROT SEED OIL High in vitamin A when mixed with Rosehip Seed oil at night you will wake up more radiant. Can be used in the eye area

SWEET ALMOND OIL A great all around oil for hair, face and body either mixed with other essential oils or on its own. Moisturizing and brightens eye area as well as fades age spots

FRANKINSENSE ESSENTIAL OIL Add 2 drops to your oil mix (all of the above or omitt sweet almond oil) morning and night. This works on eliminating acne, healing old acne, fading scars as well as age spots

POMEGRANITE SEED OIL Add to your oil mix. This is good for hair and scalp as well. Moisturizing, prevent acne, heal acne, smooth the texture of your skin and it absorbs quickly

There are more oils and skincare routines I am using routinely for more information look up my articles on aging and skincare. Not only am I happy with the results but the cost is a fraction of what I use to spend on antiaging products and it works better.

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