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Get The Most Of Your Capsule Wardrobe

I use a virtual closet, Style Book, and honestly it's made finding something to wear insanely easy! I highly recommend it for anyone that wants to get the most out of their wardrobe, it even makes packing a breeze. Trying to live on a Capsule Wardrobe can feel limiting but you have to utilize it to its full capability and that means finding new ways to wear what you have. That means thinking outside the box but if you've spent most of your life living in that box it can leave you scratching your head starring at your closet like a teenager with the fridge open. 

Go to Pintrest and starting pinning.  Look for looks that have key pieces that you already have, don't worry if it's not exact. I save the looks in my virtual closet and when I'm bored I go through them and recreate those looks with my closet.  You can save them and when you're getting dressed you go through the looks you created and pick one out. You're trying to recreate the feel of the look not a carbon copy and you can make changes to make the look yours. Obviously, only pick out looks that you like. You don't want to lose yourself or try to be something you're not but take a risk every so often just to keep them guessing. 

Red Midi Dress by Donna Karan
Black Biker Jacket by Mango
Black Belt
Chelsea Boot by Doc Marten
Black Clutch by Claire V
Gold Cuff 

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