Fashion is what you have, Style is who you are.

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The Guidelnes of Being a Style Icon

My Big Dos and Don'ts. I tried to edit it but I kept thinking of more. Style is more than your appearance or what you wear. Style is not about designer clothes or LV bags. Style is who you are, how you are precieved and how you affect the world around you. If you want to be stylish/beautiful be stylish/beautiful.

Do have a good quality bag, Buy the best quality you can afford and don't be afraid to buy used ( and The Real Real are ones I use) But research and make sure they are not selling an outlet item, they will take it back if it is damaged or not what they say it was.

Don't buy knock offs. Its not about the label its about good quality. Look at shape, construction and material. I have a brown leather tote from Banana Republic and I am always getting compliments on it.

Don't wear logos not even the LV its tacky. Its a tad gouache and screams fashion victim on a side note Parisian women do not wear the LV logo bag its a tourist thing. I believe Karl Lagerfeld (and yeah he always says inapropriate things but its Karl) has said that they, Parisians, laugh at all the tourist lining up to get the LV bag. He has said that he has informed his team to remove anyone that walks in with an LV bag. He can be vulgar at times but in this sense isn't the goal of the LV all over the bag to impress others with your wealth? Which is considered rude in Paris, well actually I think it is rude here too.

Only show one asset at a time too much skin is crossing the line from sexy to sleezy




Shoulders and Arms

Don't wear sky high platform shoes, they are not sexy, you do not look graceful when you walk and they are very heavy looking

Do wear classic black pointy toed shoes with boyfriend jeans and a white button down shirt with a black lace bra that when you want to lean in shows just a hint of the bra and toe cleavage is always a do.

Don't wear your clothes too small. Just because you can button it does not mean it fits, muffin top is caused by wearing your pants too tight. You can not enjoy yourself if you are uncomfortable.

Do wear clothes that fit well. Take a cheap LBD to the tailor and have it fitted and it will look expensive. Muffin top is never attractive

Do take care of your clothes. Use vinegar instead of fabric softner, fabric softeners coat the fabric. Wash is the coldest setting you can at the lowest spin cycle. Line dry, I line dry everything except towels, bedding and socks.

Don't wear or keep clothes that are damaged or don't fit. If you think that your shirt is long enough to hide the hole on your bum think again.

Do take a long gown that you have worn too many times and have it shortened to give it new life. Take a double breasted blazer and turn it into a vest. Dye a stained white tee navy. Be your own designer.

Don't be frivilous in your appearance or conversation. No one needs to know how vested you are in the Real Housewives of ............

Do read and be well informed on current events so you can be the whole package, which is what style is, beautiful and intellegent.

Don't talk too much. You end up giving people too much information. Being an open book is not necessarily a good quality not to mention it is a bit egocentric and self centered

Do learn the art of listening it is actually very important if you want to be a good communicator. Be mindful of what you say and what information you give people. Be mysterious you want them to want to get to know you.

Don't be rude or complain. Not stylish, sexy or interesting actually it puts you into the toxic friend category and people will dread seeing you.

Good manners are must. A smile makes you look younger. Everything is great, the hostess is lovely and maybe the chicken was under cooked a tad but the event was beautiful. You don't like duck? Youre an adult eat the food she made and say I typically don't like duck but this was actually very good. Be positive, positive and positive people like to be around people like that.

Be aware of your body language and posture. Check yourself shoulders up and back. Pretend there is a string on your head your head up and elongating your neck.

When you have a hem on your jeans shortened to skimp on the trick hem. If you don't do the trick hem it looks wrong. Tip: When you take your pants or skirt in to get hemed wash it a few times first and wear the shoes you want to wear with it so they get the right length.

Do take care of your bags, shoes and belts. You can get a leather cleaner and conditioner at a Farm Supply Store or Horse Tack Store it is also great for your leather furniture

Do buy basic, neutral peices at the best quality you can afford. Its not about quantity one great pair of black pants is better than 5 cheap ones. This is a long term investment so make sure it will last

Don't buy a lot of trends that have a short shelf life it is a waste of money and typically these are the items in the back of your closet you have never worn.

Do buy accessories to update your basic wardrobe but make sure you can afford it and if you are in need of basics maybe you should save the money and buy what you need

Don't wear more than one trend at a time. Sometimes too much is just too much.

Do dress to represent yourself. Your attire should tell people who you are and were you want to be.

Don't try to dress like Kim Kardashian you will look like you are playing dress up which you are.

Do only buy/wear/surround yourself with what you love. Again its about quality not quantity and you should only hold onto things that make you happy.

Do wear sequinced skirt with a white tee or graphic tee and a pair of oxfords/converse during the day

Don't be too serious or safe. Mix patterns, material and styles to make it yours. Break rules but just make sure it is the right rule to break, it can be tricky just don't look sleezy or try to be someone you aren't.

A good foundation is a must, bras/underwear/shapewear. The shelf life for bras is 6 months then it is time to replace it.

Don't try to squeeze into a dress or pants that are too small buy wearing crazy tight Spanx. It is not worth it, I know fashion isn't suppose to be comfortable (so don't agree with that) but its also not suppose to squeeze you until you can't breathe. Remember the scene from Bridget Jones Diary when she is getting it on with Hugh and she has the girdle on? Not sexy.

Do have a go to outfit that always works and looks good on you. One for day and one for night.

Don't wear head to toe designer peices its not your style its the designers.

Do add H&M or Zara peices with a designer piece

Don't look too styled or perfect

Do make some aspect of your appearance appear undone Sometimes it is the flaws that are beautiful and you are so confident and comfortable with who you ae that you don't spen 3 hours getting ready.

Never ever cry in public it is not attractive or stylish

Do learn to control your emotions and never let them see you sweat

Never get drunk, I mean NEVER get drunk in public nothing good ever happens

Fashion is what you have, Style is what you do with what you have

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