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An Expensive Dress is Just a Dress

How to go from being dressed well to being a Fashion It girl with just a few styling tips. The key is to wear your clothes not the other way around. A good tip on shopping and buying new clothes is to ask yourself if you can style it at least 3 different ways with items you already have.

Push the sleeves up and pop the collar of your blazer. Really that little tweak makes a big style impact. Half tuck your shirt in. Wheather it is one side tucked in or the front tucked in but the back untucked

Get your LBD tailored to fit your body. I am sure you have heard this over and over but it bares repeating. Tailoring takes a nice dress you bought on sale and turns it into a high fashion piece that was made for you. Style your LBD to give it new life after all I invested over 400 in mine so I need to get as much use out of it as possible.

Mix a flannel shirt with a taffetta skirt and riding boots for Brunch with the girls. Not only is it fashionable but it also expands your wardrobe. A chunky cable knit sweater or a graphic tee look amazing with the skirt as well.

Neutrals are a Fashion It girls best friend. 70% of your wardrobe should be neutrals black, camel, gray and camel along with navy. Camel is a color that looks expensive and I love mixing gray with camel.

Throw a jacket over your shoulders. A pair of jeans with a graphic tee, Navy blazer, oxford shoes and a trench coat over your shoulders screams Paris chic

Scarves are a girls best friend. That sweater or blazer you bought that doesn't work for your skin tone and does unpleasant things to your face throw a scarf over it.

Break the rules! Wear sequins during the day, wear a graphic tee for a formal event, mix prints and fabrics. A chunky sweater looks amazing with a silk skirt/dress.

Mix feminine with masculine. Its like mixing sweet with heat. It balances the heat and creates something amazing. A floral dress can be a little too sweet but add a leather biker jacket and some biker boats and you have created something amazing. Who can deny that stilettos with boyfriend jeans are perfectly chic?

Walk tall and wear it with confidence. You can put on an Chanel suit but if your body language says I am uncomfortable or don't look at me you might as well put a burlap sak on.

Unless it is the Chanel C's stay away from logo's. There is something that screams fashion victim. A well made black bag is your best friend. It doesn't have to be designer to be amazing. Look for a structured bag that is basic and classic. Unless you are vegan look for leather but 'vegan' leather has come a long way.

Look a little undown. Take a cue from the woman of Paris the goal is to look as if you look this amazing when you roll out of bed. Trends should be avoided when it comes to makeup for the most part it looks silly and cheap. A bold lip keeping the rest of your face more bare faced. Red is always a good choice but burgundy, although a trend, also look amazing especially on fair skin. I like Chanel L'adoree it actually makes my lips look fuller.

Simple basic clothes always look amazing. A black v-neck sweater, black pants and black heels always are chic and stylish. Minimalist is one of my all time favorite looks. It focuses on you, fabric and structure of the look. It is always classy elegant and relivant.

When you find something that always looks good on you why change it up? Every Fashion It girl has a 'uniform' of sorts. Look up pictures of Kate Moss you will see a theme. Black tee, Black blazer, skinny pants/jeans and black boots in different variations is Kate's 'uniform' and it works.

Never wear trends head to toe it never looks good or stylish. It tends to be too much and it looks customey. Keep it simple and mix one trend with basics this way you can update your wardrobe with little cost. I wouldn't spend a lot of money on trends since their shelf life is short and make sure the trends you choose to invest in compliment who you are so they add personality to your outfit and become more about you then the trend.

If it is uncomfortable don't wear it. Not only will it make you squirm it will also effect your mood. There is no way you will be happy if you can't move freely and comfortably.

Keep it simple. Even if you spent a lot of time putting together your outfit or changed several times make sure you look like you just threw it on. Beauty is in the flaws it is what gives it/you interest.

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